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Song of the Day #836

Song of the Day: Stayin' Alive, written by Barry, Robin, and Maurice Gibb, was a huge #1 hit for them, as the Bee Gees. It was the opening theme of a movie that encapsulated so much about the disco era: "Saturday Night Fever." When I first saw the film on the big screen in 1977, I found it a bit depressing in its depiction of the tragic lives of so many of its characters. The film and even its Broadway incarnation provided more than a few moments of both reflection ... and entertainment. And while I've mentioned other cuts from the famous soundtrack, including "Open Sesame," "Night on Disco Mountain," and "A Fifth of Beethoven," none is more identified with the film than this one. It even shows up again in the film's sequel of the same title. And it has been spoofed countless times ("Now you can tell by the way I wear my pants / that I'm a man / Can't take no chance"...). Today begins a 9-day tribute to the soundtrack of "Saturday Night Fever," still one of the biggest-selling, and most influential, albums of all time. The film celebrates the 30th anniversary of its debut on December 14, 2007. Many covers of this song have been recorded, but it's always best to begin at the beginning. Listen to an audio clip of this track by the Bee Gees.


I am the genie of sound!
Everybody get down!

Chris; I must add that I saw Saturday Night Fever soon after it opened. I was impressed. Thanks for the reminder.

Wonderfull song... Still very famous here in The Netherlands, on radio and in clubs.

Wondering if I am going to hear it that often in the USA :)

Well, it still is being played on American radio, that's for sure!

They've had a few very nice "Saturday Night Fever" tributes on television over the past week too.

Great song:)! Still very popular for sure!