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Goodbye Donnie Baseball; Hello Joe G.

Many Yankee fans thought for sure that beloved Don Mattingly would become the new manager of the New York Yankees. It turns out that Donnie Baseball is not to be in the Bronx, and former Yankees catcher Joe Girardi (who was also a former NL Manager of the Year, when he managed the Florida Marlins in 2006) is slated to be the new manager in the post-Torre era.

Word has it that the "front office" guys didn't want another manager like Joe Torre, with a quieter disposition, which rules out Mattingly. In his previous stint with the Marlins, Girardi showed a bit of 'kick-ass,' but that 'kick ass' quality got him into a bit of trouble with the owners. Hmmm... not sure if that is a good thing with the Steinbrenner family, but I'm already looking forward to Spring Training.

Meanwhile, Joe Torre might be going to the west coast to manage the LA Dodgers... and Mattingly might join him as hitting coach.


I have nothing against Giradi, but I am disappointed, and feel bad for Mattingly. As for Torre and/or Mattingly going to the Dodgers: DO NOT WANT.

Torre to the Dodgers? Oh no! Not the kind of news this Padres fan wants to hear. :-(

I think Torre is in fact going to LA...

Uh, yes, Torre is now bleeding Dodger Blue. And the Yanks are, once again, getting ready to sell the farm (literally... as in giving up great talent in their farm system) for Santana.

As my friend Aeon says: DO NOT WANT. I'm so disgusted with this penchant for giving up home grown talent for current "proven" players. Enough!