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Changes happening... some permanent... let me note a few:

o Deborah Kerr, whom I loved in such movies as "The King and I," "An Affair to Remember," and "Quo Vadis," passed away on Tuesday, October 16, 2007.

o Joey Bishop, whose humor made me chuckle in the 1960s and 1970s, passed away on Wednesday, October 17, 2007; he was the last surviving member of Hollywood's famed "Rat Pack."

o Laissez Faire Books is closing its doors after 36 years in business. I will always be enormously thankful to LFB for carrying my various books and monographs through the years. My very best wishes to everybody connected to LFB for providing liberty lovers with one of the most important sources of libertarian literature in the world.

o And, finally, I note the passing of the Joe Torre Era of Yankees Baseball. I still think that the Yankees greatest weakness is their starting pitching (and their long relief), not their manager. It's the pitching (or lack thereof) that has led to early exits from the postseason for several years running now. The organization is going a long way toward correcting its pitching weakness by re-investing in a long-depleted farm system. The rebuilding may take a few years, but I'm confident it will be for the best. Losing Manager Joe Torre, however, is not for the best, and I will miss his steady hand and stabilizing influence. Thanks, Joe, for a great run!


RE Deborah Kerr -- and don't forget "From Here to Eternity"!

RE your analysis of Torre and the Yankees: Word.

Yes, to "Eternity"...

As for Joe Torre and the new rumblings in Yankeeland:

I think it is rather remarkable that Hank Steinbrenner (the Boss's son) is now saying that we should cut the new manager (whoever is chosen) a little slack because this is a team in transition and we need to have a little patience about making it to the postseason.

See here.

Give the new manager a chance, because he's not getting the 96 Yankees.

Another swipe at Joe Torre.

So they give Torre an offer they know he'll walk away from... and then ask us to cut the new guy a little slack. In other words: Get rid of Torre because he didn't get the team to the World Series, but keep the new guy, who may not get the team into the postseason at all!

Really nice, eh?

I too noted Deborah Kerr's death. I was able to watch Eternity and Separate Tables on TCM a few day after. Two of the better ones.

So true, Chris! Keep tuned to TCM, as they regularly screen many of her films!