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Joey Chestnut, Top Dog

Congratulations to Joey Chestnut, who set a world's record, scarfing down 66 hot dogs at the annual Nathan's Famous Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Competition.

Watching this on ESPN turned my stomach... I can only imagine what it did to Chestnut's! But seeing 30,000+ people crowd onto Surf Avenue and Stillwell Avenue, not ten minutes from my home... was terrific! Long live Coney Island!



I love that your blog is mostly about uplifting things. It's not that I don't mind reading your take on the depressing state of American politics, but it's cool to have a break from that stuff.

You keep up those Songs of the Day!

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Yeah, those songs will keep a comin', Nick; but when you least expect it, I promise that I will be bitching and complaining, swearing and screaming about the disgusting state of global politics. We're entering another period of futility for the American electorate... so stay tuned!