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American Idol 2007: And Then There Were ...

Three? After tonight, there will indeed only be three left.


Any predictions? Will the American Idol be Blake? Lakisha? Melinda? Jordin?

Your thoughts and predictions are welcome...


My wife likes Jordin the most, because she seems to have the most versatility. I think Jordin can win if she stays at the top of her game. Melinda has been the favorite for a long time but she might need to do something to stand out more. Blake is my personal favorite, but he'll have to pick his songs carefully and perhaps not overdo it on the beatboxing (although I like it when it's done well).

Prediction: Jordin will win if she does her best.

My money is on Jordin; but, to be honest, this season has been disappointingly lackluster.

I've started watching AI this season and I don't see what the big deal is.

And why do they drag it out for two nights? And why do we need de facto commercials like the one for the Fantastic 4 last night?

Sorry for the long silence on this topic... just a bit behind. But I think Jordin has a good shot at this point.

I confess that I was really sad to see Melinda go; she was my favorite singer on the show. I really thought she would have given us a great finale, and I am still scratching my head over this one. She never placed in the bottom 2 or 3 for the entire season... and then, it ended up she came up short for the finale. Sheesh.

As for AI, Neil: you're right... they drag it out much too long. In truth, it isn't a big deal at all; it's just another talent show... in the grand tradition of all those "amateur hours" from the Golden Age of television, with a twist: "Regular folks" vote for their favorites.

In any event, one more week to go, and I'll be watching.

Congratulations, Jordin Sparks!

Given the final face-off, I think she was the right choice.


I didn't watch the finale, but I agree that Jordin was the correct choice of the two contestants left standing. As a frequent visitor to Dialidol, I had a good idea that Jordin was going be this season's American Idol winner.

A shout out to Melinda Doolittle for her version of My Funny Valentine, in my opinion, this season's finest performance.

I agree with you, Mick; I loved Melinda's "My Funny Valentine." And I expected Jordin to win too.

So much time has gone by, since this post! Sheesh!

In any event, if you folks aren't watching "So You Think You Could Dance" (season 3), you should be watching it! :)