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Song of the Day #807

Song of the Day: The Killers ("Main Title") is from the 1946 movie, which boasted one of Miklos Rozsa's classic film noir scores. It actually introduced the "dum-de-dum-dum" theme, which (along with Rozsa's score for "The Naked City") inspired the opening notes for the television series, "Dragnet" (audio clip at that link). Listen to an audio clip of the "Main Title" here.


Chris, that theme from Dragnet has an actual title, IIRC. You recall what it is?

Hey, Aeon, I checked this out online here, where we are told the following about the theme music:

It's also known as "Dragnet March" and "Danger Ahead." There were two Dragnet-related hit records in 1953: the theme music, recorded by Ray Anthony and His Orchestra; and a Dragnet takeoff by Stan Freberg, called "St. George and the Dragonet" (it sold over a million copies).

I also checked my copy of "Television's Greatest Hits," and let me quote from the liner notes:

The "Dragnet" theme is actually made up of two different parts. The first notes (dum-de-dum-dum) were used by composer Miklos Rozsa as incidental music in the 1947 film "The Killers." Walter Schumann composed the march that makes up the rest of the theme. Performed by the Ray Anthony Orchestra in 1953, the "Dragnet" theme went to #3 on the pop chart.

Hope that helps!

It helps to know I can't stump you on trivia questions! :-)

hehehe... well, there are plenty I'd miss.

But here's one (I'll be blogging about it soon):

What absolutely fantastic classic television series from the 1960s makes its DVD debut in a couple of weeks? :)