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Dialectics and Liberty (in German)

I recently heard from Matt Jenny who, with a few of his libertarian friends, runs a small German left-libertarian groupblog named paxx:blog, which includes a webzine, paxx:zine. The webzine has already published translations of articles by my Liberty & Power Group Blog colleagues, Roderick T. Long (a German translation of "Beyond the Boss: Protection from Business in a Free Nation") and Sheldon Richman (a German translation of "U.S. Hypocrisy on Iran").

This week I join Roderick and Sheldon with a German translation of "Dialectics and Liberty" (links to the English PDF), which appeared in the September 2005 issue of The Freeman. The German translation can be found here.

Cross-posted at L&P.


I wish I knew how to read German because some of the posts on those blogs look very interesting.

Glad to see you've been featured by Matt Jenny! He is a much appreciated left-libetarian comrade ( :


I didn't know that was a thing.

Yes there are! You can find out more about this ideological strain at these various links:

Movement of the Libertarian Left

Alliance of the Libertarian Left

And these Yahoo groups:

Left Libertarian

Left Libertarian 2 (which is entirely separate from the Movement of the Liberarian Left)

And don't forget the works of such theorists as Kevin Carson, who has inspired a whole symposium in the pages of the The Journal of Libertarian Studies