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American Idol 2007: The Top Ten

By now, I'm sure "American Idol" fans have a number of favorites; I've liked selections from Melinda, Lakisha, Jordin, Blake, Chris R. ... and a couple of others too.

But like many people, I've cringed watching Sanjaya, who has now assured his place on the AI national tour. It appears he's getting a lot of help from people who are hoping a "Vote for the Worst" will undermine any legitimacy the show might have.

Should be interesting to see how far such a vote will take him...


This Sanjaya has to goooooo!!! AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL. I wonder how long the moron voters who are voting for the worst can sustain this kind of thing. If it ever got totally out of hand the record producers would be stuffing the ballot to assure his departure.

Okay, so I'm totally up-to-date, and I have to say that with Besame Mucho one of my favorites, it was very hard for even Sanjaya to sound horrible, not with strings and brass bathing his every syllable. He sure knows how to play to the camera.

I just don't see this guy lasting into, say, the Top 5. Then again, I didn't think he'd make the Top 10, so what do I know?

I still think Melinda, Lakisha, Jordin, Chris Robinson, and Blake are moving into the Top 5 at some point, but we may have seen the last of Haley's long legs after her performance last night.

The Latin show could have been great... it just fell flat for me, and, apparently, for many of the judges.

Oh, I don't know...there's a soft spot in my heart for Sanjaya. Maybe it's my "root for the underdog, affection for the runt of the litter" personality. No, I haven't actually voted for him...or anyone, yet. But you have to admire the kid's pluck as much as you might despise his voice.

After all, the judges passed this kid onto the top 24 (while cutting the amazing Tami Gosnell), so if he's staying the judges have only themeselves to blame.

I have more to say on this topic but I have to get to work...more later.


Your passion for American Idol has encouraged me to check it out for myself.

Where can I find it on TV?

Hey, Nick, it can be seen every Tuesday and Wednesday (times vary ... usually 8 pm on Tuesday, 9 pm on Wednesday).