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Ayn Rand Goes Swedish

Late last year, Mattias Svensson, a friend and former student, proposed to translate one of my articles on Ayn Rand for Voltaire, a magazine with 30,000 subscribers published in Sweden. The magazine is put out by Power and Culture; the director of the organization, Boris Benulic, decided to do a Rand-themed issue, with Mattias as the guest editor.

Mattias translated a revised version of my essay, "Atlas Shrugged: Manifesto for a New Radicalism." The full English version of that essay appears in a forthcoming anthology, edited by Edward W. Younkins, entitled Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged: A Philosophical and Literary Companion (Ashgate, 2007) (and a shortened, edited version of this essay also appears in The Freeman and in Tibor Machan's edited collection, Ayn Rand at 100).

Sciabarra Essay in Voltaire

In any event, if you are inclined to read the Swedish essay, which looks even prettier in the glossy magazine's March/April 2007 issue, it now appears online, starting here.

My thanks to Mattias and to Voltaire for a job well done.

Also noted at Liberty and Power Group Blog. (And a shout out "welcome" to Lester Hunt, who joins L&P.)


Sorry, I don't read Swedish! But congrats anyway!

But that photo doesn't look anything like Voltaire! In fact it looks more like Ayn Rand. I'm so confused.


Voltaire is the name of the magazine that is doing an issue about Ayn Rand. Hence the picture under that headline.

Despite good sales of recent paperback releases of Atlas and Fountainhead, we have not, as yet, pervaded the swedish culture to the extent that you could name a cultural magazine "Ayn Rand", and do an issue on Voltaire. That would be the day!

I suspect Roderick was pulling our leg, Mattias. :)

But thanks so much for the additional information on the issue; it's a very good looking publication.


Thanks for the kind words. Glad to see that you're back in front of a computer.


No legpulling, please. Remember that us objectivists lack in the humour department. I was just on my way to book you into a therapy session to help you resolve your confusion, in case my clarification didn't do it. (And I don't use smileys!)

Glad to be back in front of the computer... again! :)

And thanks for the follow-up!