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American Idol 2007: The Top 24

Okay, so I have yet to watch this week's installments, but at least I know who the Top 24 are.

I'm very ambivalent... these folks have a lot to prove. In fact, my impression is that they may have gotten rid of a few people who should not have bit the dust.

What are your thoughts?


Back to AI 2007: I watched the guys last night and my verdict is in ... can we have a do over? Pathetic, absolutely pathetic. If the girls aren't any better, tomorrow will be the last show I watch this season.

p.s. Will someone shoot Ryan Seacrest? Please!

Chris, I hate to give spoilers here, but...

I watched the guys last night and I've never seen such a group of tedious, lackluster, uninspired performers. Not even "Vote for the Worst" snark can make this group interesting.

I'm very disappointed. I hope the girls do better tonight.

*breathes sigh of relief*


After Tuesday night's dismal performances by the guys, I was *this close* to turning off my television to AI this season and perhaps forever. On Tuesday night, I truly thought that Randy, Paula, Simon, Ryan and a dozen other insipid characters had pulled a Fonzie and collectively "jumped the shark." In a way, I was relieved--if this was the best the season had to offer, I would finally be loose from AI's iron grip.

Wednesday night sent the spector of "Jaws" back into the ocean. Leave it to the women to save the day. In the group of a dozen women, at least four of them were very good and one other came close to brilliant. With only two exceptions, the women's performances topped the gentlemen (true, the gentlemen set that bar very low, but still...)

Da*n. Looks like I'm hooked for another season. ;-)

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