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Song of the Day #781

Song of the Day: Indigo Eyes features the music and lyrics of Peter Murphy and Paul Statham. My favorite rendition of this song is from Peter Murphy's live set, "aLive Just For Love" (audio clip at that link). This double album features an array of accoustic reconstructions of Peter's diverse body of work (and includes a guest appearance by Bauhaus bassist David J). I have highlighted Peter's "Subway" and "Just for Love" in previous "Song of the Day" entries, and I've enjoyed his artistic evolution from his Bauhaus days to his glorious solo projects. Thanks for introducing me to Peter's eclectic universe, sweetie. Happy birthday, with love.


Real happy you were introduced to Peter Murphy's music... and introduced us too. It has been really good listening to so much of his music. Thanks, Chris!

Well, you continue to surprise me, Chris. Peter Murphy as an artist featured on "Song of the Day"--who'd'a thunk it?

Thanks for sharing Peter Murphy with us!


Glad I'm keeping you on your toes, Peri! :)

In all honesty, it has been quite a revelation to me to explore Peter's work, especially since he has absorbed so many wonderful influences, and worked with diverse musicians in the jazz and world music genres.