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Song of the Day #779

Song of the Day: What Are You Doing New Year's Eve? features the words and music of Frank Loesser. It has been recorded by artists such as Clay Aiken, Diana Krall, and Ella Fitzgerald (audio clips at those links). Whatever you're doing tonight, have a safe and Happy New Year's Eve!


Ella takes the cake here. Krall's ok but not of Ella's caliber, and Aiken's not fit to shine Ella's shoes.

(Yes, I backed Rueben in Season II.)

Krall is a very understated singer (and, uh, even that is an understatement), but I do like some of her stuff a lot. On the other hand, Ella is Ella, and that's no mere tautology.

As for Aiken and Studdard, I was kinda torn between them... but I do remember Ruben doing one helluva wonderful version of the Bee Gees' "Nights on Broadway." I don't think they've marketed him very well.

The new AI begins next week! :)