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Song of the Day #759

Song of the Day: Shine features the words and music of James ("Jimmy Jam") Harris III and Terry Lewis, with a sample taken from the Chic hit, "My Forbidden Lover," by Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers. The song was recorded by Luther Vandross some years ago, but was not released until recently as part of "The Ultimate Luther Vandross: Special Collector's Edition" (audio clips at that link). While the original mix is good, nothing beats the Freemasons Mix on the Bonus Disc, which weds the Velvet Vandross Voice to a sexy dance beat (audio clip here). This production is Classic Luther. Hearing him in this setting reminds me that he wasn't just a balladeer; his voice jazzed up some of the greatest R&B dance tracks of the past quarter century. Shine on, Luther!