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Jeter Wuz Robbed!

Readers of Notablog know that I'm a huge New York Yankees fan and a big Derek Jeter fan, and let me just say that, with regard to yesterday's balloting for the American League Most Valuable Player Award, in which Jeter came in second, I'd like to give the Baseball Writers a BIG BRONX CHEER!

This year, Jeter won the Hank Aaron Award, the Silver Slugger Award, and the Gold Glove. And yet, it was Justin Morneau of the Minnesota Twins who took home MVP honors.

Now, I am not saying that Morneau isn't a fine player; but I don't see how anybody votes for Morneau as the MVP when the Twins line-up also includes the terrifically talented 2006 AL batting champion Joe Mauer.

In a season during which so many Yankee players were injured (e.g., Gary Sheffield, Hideki Matsui) or relatively ineffective (e.g., Alex Rodriguez), Jeter remained Mr. Consistency: one of baseball's fiercest clutch hitters, who hit .381 with runners in scoring position. Take Jeter out of that Yankee line-up and I don't believe the team makes the playoffs. He was that valuable to their success this year.

While Mike Lupica of the NY Daily News thinks the vote was "most logical," I tell ya, Jeter Wuz Robbed!.

Wait 'til next year!

Update: I have already been questioned by a few people with regard to the comparative statistics for Morneau and Jeter. Okay, okay, let's talk numbers:

Morneau beats Jeter in only three categories: RBIs (Morneau has 130 to Jeter's 97); Home Runs (Morneau has 34 to Jeter's 14), and the batting average with runners-in-scoring-position stat (Morneau .375 to Jeter's .343).

So let's talk about every other category: Jeter beats Morneau in runs scored (118 to 97); hits (214 to 190); doubles (39 to 37); triples (3 to 1); walks (69 to 53); steals (34 to 3); batting average (.343 to .321); on-base percentage (.417 to .375); runners-in-scoring-position with two outs (.369 to .303) and batting average "close and late" (.325 to .299).

And, again, Jeter did it in a line-up that was struck by injuries to key offensive players (Sheffield, Matsui, Cano, and others for limited times) and awful inconsistency from regular players, like A-Rod. His fielding was also consistent, earning him a Gold Glove, and he brings to the table all the "intangibles" that make him one of the greatest Yankees of his generation.

'Nuff said.



I'm with you 100% on this one!

When it comes to the Yanks, there's a Star Wars "evil-empire" thing that a great many people have bought into. And I don't believe its just fans either, - but sports writers and even some MLB league officials as well.


I agree completely, George. On some of these points, I found John Harper's article in the Thursday, November 23, 2006 issue of the New York Daily News a good read: "Writer's Block: Bias, Stats May Have Hurt Jeter."

Chirs, I thought about you when I read they'd bypassed Jeter for the other guy...

This "Yankees as Evil Empire" mindset--you wonder where that could possibly come? One word: Steinbrenner. Blame it on Darth Steinbrenner. ;-)

I do feel bad that Mr. Jeter "got robbed." We West Coast people understand how that feels, because our athletes get snubbed by the East Coast Sportswriter Establishment with depressing frequency. Let me give you one f'rinstance: my (and Michael "Mick" Russell's) fellow San Diego State Aztec, Marshall Faulk, denied the Heisman Trophy. Can you tell me who beat him out? No? My point is made....

I agree, it was outrageous about Jeter.

As always, a good point, Peri.

I just saw Jeter last week on the Regis and Kelly show; he was pushing his new cologne, Driven. But his appearance was a total riot. Philbin has always had a big crush on Jeter, and was all over him. You can see some of the interview at You Tube, here.