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Carl Barry on You Tube

My brother, jazz guitarist Carl Barry, was playing this past weekend at the popular Village jazz spot, "Rare," on Bleecker Street in Manhattan. The bass player, Jay Leonhart, taped the gig, and posted a snippet at You Tube.

It is a total riot. The guys are busy performing in the club, near an open door, and this woman walks over and asks Carl, "Where Can I Catch a Taxi?" And she returns for further directions! And Carl doesn't miss a beat. Ah, the trials and tribulations of being a jazz musician in the city!

Watch it here (you may have to sign-in first).


I see that being polite to undeserving morons is a Sciabarra trait. That was unbelievable!

Good Lord, woman, couldn't you have asked one of the passers by on the street? What were you, raised in a barn?

Oh, the indignaties professional musicians must bear!

Yeah, this one made me roar with laughter. LOL


Your brother certainly showed a lot more class than did Michael Richards.

This was cool. I posted it on reddit. (Reddit users are invited to vote it up!)

Hey, Aaron, thanks for posting that! It still makes me chuckle.