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Song of the Day #737

Song of the Day: C'mon Marianne, words and music by L. Russell Brown and Raymond Bloodworth, is my all-time favorite Four Seasons hit. It's got a rock and roll pulse, which exhibits the group's integrated R&B and doo-wop influences. As our Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons tribute concludes, listen to an audio clip of this pop smash here.



This is not on topic but I just wanted to say how great it is, Chris, that you keep up this site. You really deserve a lot of support and praise for the work you have done and the passion which you bring to it. You are always an inspiration to me! I know others will agree with me on that.

Best wishes

Cam! Thanks so much for the kind words. I wish I could do more blogging; given the workload, however, it's impossible. But posting here and encouraging responses, especially those with regard to one of my greatest passions---music---has been a lot of fun.