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Baseball Fever Grips Apple

The Mets have won the National League East for the first time in 18 years. And the Yanks have taken the American League East for the ninth straight year. (And after a 25-game hitting streak, Captain Clutch is an MVP candidate as well!) There is melodrama, for sure, but one thing is clear: New York, New York is a baseball town, heading for what many of us hope will be a memorable October.

And the fans agree: The Yanks and Mets will both set attendance records this year.

Pass the Cracker Jacks.

Comments welcome.


Chris, I was just wondering; are you a right-wing Yankee fan, or a left-wing one?

It works like this: If you claim to love the Yanks, but are willing to say something like, "well, although my Yanks didn't win the World Series, at least the Mets did" - then you're a left-wing Yank fan.

A right-wing Yanks fan is someone that would rather see the Red Sox as Champions, than the Mets. This type of fan considers the letters 'N.Y.' as solely synonymous with the Yankees, Further, he considers it a personal slap in the face that some pretentious half-assed "other" team has the unmitigated effrontery to wear those sacred letters on their caps!

Then again, I suppose there is a third alternative, the “libertarian” Yanks fan. This is the kind of Yanks fan that when watching a game in Yankee Stadium and a foul ball is hit in his direction, instead of jumping out of seat and tussling with other fans to get the ball – he closes both his eyes, shields his face with his right hand, and reaches out with his left hand – hoping the ball will miraculously land softly in his palm!


George, I see where you're going with this, but there's something wrong with your taxonomy, or at least your examples: I don't see how a Yankee fan could _prefer_ a Red Sox championship. Despite the newfangled (and malign) interleague play, there's really no reason to regard the Mets as "rivals" in anything like the sense that the Sox are.

Chris, my post was meant to be entirely humorous; just a poke in the ribs of sorts. The whole first part was just a set-up so I could take a jab at libertarians. In reality, I could care less about the Mets, and properly, despise the Red Sox.

It appears that I have no future in comedy, so I've decided not to quit my day job.


George, good idea to not quit your day job, but I thought that your post was funny enough. I'll be thinking about all you East Coast baseball snobs when I watch the Padres beat the A's in this years Fall Classic.

Two words about baseball today from a San Diegan: Trevor Hoffman. Way to go, bay-bee!

Hell's Bells!!!! :-)

George, you haven't lost your touch! You got a smile out of me. I figured you were setting me up so that I could say that the "right-wing" and "left-wing" Yankee dichotomy is false, and that there is a way to, uh, dialectically transcend it. :)

In all seriousness, however, I probably do fall somewhere in-between. I don't have the "arrogance" of those Yankee fans from the 30s, 40s, 50s, or even early 60s... or the "arrogance" of the young fans who have known nothing but postseason play since 1995.

The bulk of my life was spent rooting for a team that was out of the postseason from 1979 through 1994 (with 1981's World Series loss to the Dodgers the one exception). In other words, I've known far more loss as a Yankee fan than I have victory... so I am less likely to throw around Yankee conceit.

I'm also a New Yorker, however, and given that my brother and sister-in-law love the Mets... I do tend to feel good about them winning in the NL (especially with ex-Yankee Willie Randolph at the helm, and young stars like David Wright and Jose Reyes having fine years).

But let's not get too carried away with this. I would never want to see the Red Sox as Champions over any New York team. Bill Buckner and 1986 was pretty crazy for Yankee fans to watch. It made that little "curse" seem like it would go on forever. And, in truth, I do occasionally wear a T-shirt that says on the front:

"Do the Math"

... and on the back, it shows all the World Series trophies owned by the Yankees... and those owned by the Sox, and states:

"At this rate it will take Boston three centuries to catch up."


I am, in case you were wondering, a Yankee FANATIC.

Now, as for you, Mick: Well... I can't be too angry. I actually liked Mike Piazza (paisan that he is)... and was sorry to see him go. Having him go into the postseason, maybe even against the Mets, would carry with it a little poetic irony. So we'll see.

Of course if they meet up with the Yankees, Hell's Bells or not (as Peri reminds us)... I do hope you guys can go more than 4 games against the Yanks this time around. Remember 1998? ;)


All I can say this morning is "Whew." I can't believe that Trevor and the boys almost let the division title almost slip away.

Actually, I can. San Diego teams are notorious for choking when it counts.

You East Coast and Chicago guys don't understand that we loyal West Coast fans have sports heartbreaks, too. Maybe we get no sympathy or mythological status because our weather is so much better; I don't know.

Sorry it didn't work out, Peri! Looks like we're both watching this play out on TV... and neither of our teams has advanced. :(