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Song of the Day #710

Song of the Day: Night Gallery had several themes, including the series theme composed by Gil Melle (listen to an audio clip here). Another theme was composed by the great Eddie Sauter (audio clip here). My favorite theme from this Rod Serling show, however, is the one featured in the superb made-for-TV movie that served as the basis for the series. That main title was composed by Billy Goldenberg. Listen to an audio clip of that theme here.


One of the Simpsons Halloween episodes featured a "Night Gallery" motif with some hilarious Simpson-themed paintings.

I remember that one! It was hysterical!

Speaking of "Night Gallery," I urge my readers to pick up the Complete First Season DVD, which includes the fantastic original pilot, and some of my favorite episodes, including "Certain Shadows on the Wall" and "Lone Survivor."