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The Film Noir Music Project

As readers of my website are aware, I have been a long-time fan of film noir, film music, and jazz (check out "My Favorite Things"). And it's no coincidence that so many film noir soundtracks draw from jazz and jazz-inspired music, which lends itself to the genre's themes of seduction, melancholy, and menace.

All the more reason for me to recommend highly a wonderful CD featuring guitarist Bob Sneider and vibraphonist Joe Locke, not to mention the tasteful improvisations of trumpeter John Sneider, tenor saxman Grant Stewart, pianist Paul Hoffman, bassist Phil Flanigan, and drummer Mike Melito. The CD is called "Fallen Angel," a by-product of the Bob Sneider and Joe Locke Film Noir Project. (I couldn't find any sample audio clips on the web, but you can order it from Amazon.com and CD Universe, among other online retailers.)

The track that hooked me into purchasing the CD was the group's rendition of "Chinatown," the theme by the great Jerry Goldsmith. I am a huge fan of both the film and the soundtrack (the love theme among my favorites). I heard it on WBGO-FM, and wasted no time in picking up the whole album. That track is still my favorite on the CD, but fans of noir will have a field day checking out the many interpretations of other classic themes.

I have a backlog of music to listen to, and hope to post many more recommendations in the coming weeks.

Comments welcome.


Thank you Chris for the positive comments on Fallen Angel.

This cd has generated many favorable reactions and Joe had a ball being a part of it.

There is a second one with the same trheme in the can that, to me, is even better.

Plase visit our website and put yourself on Joe's mailing list.


Tom Marcello
Manager / Joe Locke

Tom, so wonderful of you to post here, and my very best to Joe and the band. I'll visit and sign up for the mailing list, but please feel free to come back here and tell my readers when the new project is coming out. You've got at least one sale lined up already! :)