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Song of the Day #691

Song of the Day: SOS (Rescue Me) features the words and music of Jonathan Rotem, E. Kidd Bogart, and Ed Cobb, whose "Tainted Love" is generously sampled. Listen to an audio clip of this huge dance-pop hit for Rihanna.


I am by no means a kanye devotee. But this video appears to me the most sure and best developed video of the 2000’s. The sequence 'tween 1:27-1:41 in specific - the coordination between the picture and the music is virtually the hottest thing I experienced in videos the total past decade. And the great sorrowfulness of that sequence (which ends with the lyric, “what do i know?”) exactly appears to me to total up the whole unhappiness and disarray of the last decade so succinctly, so judiciously, so definitively.

Cheers for writing this! I am a very big Rihanna fan so I enjoy to talk more about her on a regular basis.