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Song of the Day #690

Song of the Day: Tainted Love (full-length Soft Cell audio clip at that link), words and music by Ed Cobb, has been recorded by many artists. Gloria Jones first recorded it in the 1960s, and even Marilyn Manson recorded it (audio clip at that link), but no version was a bigger hit than the one by Soft Cell (which paired the song with The Supremes' "Where Did Our Love Go?").


Tainted Love is fantastic and so are The Supremes. Your fine musical tastes keep on impressing.

This song reminds me of the worst sunburn I ever had. That song was popular in the spring of my freshman year at college. A friend and I had just finished our last final in the morning and headed to the beach to relax and celebrate. The day was overcast with the marine layer that is typical in San Diego during May and June. I slathered myself up with Hawaiian Tropic oil and just laid in the sun for hours. The sun was hidden behind the marine layer for much of the day and I never felt warm.

Bad idea. After I got home the sunburn showed itself and it was BAD--so bad I took to my bed, shivering and nauseated. I felt ill for two days afterwards and the worst blisters I have ever had formed all over my body, including the backs of my knees.

Two days later, I felt well enough to venture out, in considerable pain, with my friend and her then-boyfriend to see a movie. Both my friend and her boyfriend were shocked at how badly I was sunburned. As we drove home from the movie, "Tainted Love" came on the radio and my friend's boyfriend sang along with improvised parody lyrics about my sunburn. I don't remember all of his marvelous improvisation, except for one line: "Don't touch me, please/I've got sunburned knees..." and I was able to laugh and wince at the same time.

I haven't been able to listen to that song since without remembering that sunburn, and my friend's kind and funny ex-boyfriend.

That was hilarious, Peri... but I was wincing thinking of your sunburn. :)