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Song of the Day #676

Song of the Day: It's Raining Men, words and music by Paul Jabara and Paul Shaffer, was performed with Diva gusto by those "two tons o' fun": The Weather Girls. Martha Wash and Izora Rhodes Armstead tore up the dance floors with this one. The song was re-recorded by Geri Halliwell for the soundtrack of the 2001 film, "Bridget Jones's Diary" (audio clip at that link). But nothing compares to the original (audio clip at that link). Just the right song for a Gay-Day Parade in NYC, even it has been raining (literally) on and off for days.


Hi Chris, are you attending the parade today? If so, have a great time!

For years, I lived in the midst of San Diego's equivalent to NYC's Christopher Street and San Franciso's Castro district, Hillcrest. Pride Weekend was always a lot of fun; I could watch some of the parade contingents line up right outside my window. One of my neighbors had children who set up a lemonade stand on Pride Weekend every year: Michael and I called them "the budding Capitalists." Those kids always had a lot of business that weekend!

I lived in Hillcrest during the search for Andrew Cunanan. A lot of that story was kept quiet by the local press because the publisher's son was a major closet case and...well, who knows? Our underground weekly had a lot more news about the case than our local mainstream press ever did. To the relief of the community, the search for Andrew Cunanan came to its sad end right before Pride Weekend (rumors had been flying that he would show back up in San Diego that weekend and do something monstrous). It was surreal to see my little neighborhood on national news broadcasts that weekend and see people I had actually met in my neighborhood being interviewed by nationally-known broadcast journalists.

Sorry to go off on a tangent there...your mentioning Pride just brought back a lot of memories of living in Hillcrest, which is one of my favorite San Diego neighborhoods.

Not a tangent at all, Peri: This was all very relevant. Thanks so much for the story about San Diego, and about that tragic Cunnan business.

No parading for me today, but lots of celebrating. If you folks ever come out to NYC, let me take you on the Stonewall Tour. :) I'll be mentioning Stonewall in a couple of days, on the occasion of the anniversary of that great libertarian event.