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Song of the Day #674

Song of the Day: Sunshine of Your Love, words and music by Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce, and Peter Brown, was a huge hit for Cream. Listen here to an audio clip of this steamy track with its classic rock guitar riff. And for a change of pace, check out an audio clip of a rendition by Ella Fitzgerald!


A classic, to be sure, and it also has sentimental appeal to me: it was the very first song I learned to play when I was learning guitar. (I'm hardly unique in that, I'm sure!)

Ella covered this? Amazing! Thanks for the tip, Chris!

(And Aeon, I got a chuckle about your memory of this song being the first song you learned to play on guitar. I remember so many long-haird would-be rock gods I knew in my misspent youth who quite proudly would play that riff to their friends.)

The Ella recording surprised me too!

But that riff... so many cut their teeth on that. :)

Other classic rock guitar riffs? Black Dog?