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Song of the Day #667

Song of the Day: Kissing a Fool features the words and music of George Michael, who first recorded the song in 1987. It has a retro jazzy feel that has been captured as well by Michael Buble. Listen to audio clips by George Michael and Michael Buble.


"Careless Whisper" would have been my first choice of George Michael songs, although this one's a goody, too.

I heard "Careless Whisper" for the first time in a dance club in the 80's (ah, my misspent youth!) and even on first hearing it sounded to me like a classic song that had been around forever. Once heard, you cannot imagine life being without it. The haunting sax solo taking off from the chorus...timeless.

I liked "Careless Whisper" too; in fact, I think Michael has had, through his recording career, a nice R&B sensibility, and have enjoyed him a lot.