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The Books of Summer

I'm in the process of writing several encyclopedia articles as well as a few journal and magazine pieces (more information on these essays to follow in the coming weeks). And I've got brand new peer reader assignments too! And fuhgedabout the editing! Oy!

But I've found the time to write a brief contribution to a new Liberty magazine feature called "The Books of Summer." Among the books I recommend for summer reading are those authored by the Holzers, Rasmussen and Den Uyl, and Rozsa. Read all about it in the July 2006 issue of the magazine! (Subscribe here.)


Did I miss something here? I didn't find your reading list on the link, although I found others. Just wondering.


You mean, you didn't see the list?


Just kidding.

They only published online a very brief excerpt from a much larger feature in the magazine, which includes summer reading lists from 25 different people, and I'm among them.

Though my short article includes reflections on each of the books in question, I did recommend the following books:

1. Ayn Rand: My Fiction-Writing Teacher by Erika Holzer

2. The Keeper of the Flame by Henry Mark Holzer

3. Norms of Liberty: A Perfectionist Basis for Non-Perfectionist Politics by Douglas B. Rasmussen and Douglas J. Den Uyl


4. Double Life by Miklos Rozsa

That last one is out of print, and as I say in the article, it is a great way "to prepare yourself for the Rozsa Centenary, which is almost upon us (April 2007)."


LOL. I also recommended Norms of Liberty. Great minds think alike! :-)

Right now, my reading list consists of "Anna Karenina"...I've never read Tolstoy and want to find out what I've been missing. If I finish "Anna" I'll try to tackle "War and Peace" next. ;-)

I tried to read some Robert Heinlein recently, but I wasn't particularly taken by him.

I just finished "God Knows" by Joseph Heller, which was a damn sight better than "Catch 22" in my opinion.

Yes! Aeon is one of the 25 people whose views on summer reading are represented in Liberty magazine, and, of course, his recommendations are brilliant. :)

And Peri, it's interesting that you mention War & Peace, since my esteemed colleague, JARS co-editor and Liberty senior editor, Stephen Cox, recommends that book for summer reading! That's quite a hefty book to tackle, but what better time to do it!


Glad to see another Joseph Heller fan. I liked Catch-22 a lot and am reading Good As Gold now. Think I've heard of God Knows before, what's it about again?

I never read "Catch-22"... but I did see the movie some years ago. Have you seen the film? How does it compare to the book?

I vaguely remember seeing the film on TV many moons ago. Not sure if I saw it all but think the book is better.

Read it! That's my summer reading for you lol.

Chris, I suppose you could add to the list of books, the second edition of Kevin Brien's Marx, Reason, and the Art of Freedom. I got my copy for free by way of Boston University professor, Robert S. Cohen. See,
the following two posts:


Hey, Jim, thanks for posting these links. In the coming weeks, I hope to look at Brien's second edition, and maybe even to post my original review. I'll have a bit more to say when I have had the opportunity to see what he has to say too! I understand he answers my criticisms of Marx in this second edition. Should be interesting to read! I do remember it as a fine book...