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Lilit Gampel

Some time ago, I named Mendelssohn's "E Minor Concerto" as my "Song of the Day" (yes, it is a very broad meaning that I attach to "Song" on my ever-evolving list). I talked in that entry of a young violinist and prodigy named "Nanette Gampel," but I had given her the wrong first name! Her name was (and is) Lilit Gampel, and I want to thank an offlist correspondent for pointing me in the right direction.

Either way, the music she made on that night before the Boston Pops Orchestra was extraordinary.

Comments welcome.


Hey, Mendelssohn's E minor violin concerto is probably my all time favorite classical piece! Its openning passage is simply divine.

Hong, I agree completely.

You got me humming that theme right now...