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Song of the Day #658

Song of the Day: Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough, written and recorded by Michael Jackson, is from one of his finest solo albums: "Off the Wall." The song, highlighting Jackson's falsetto, captures a classic sound and era. Listen to an audio clip here.


Wow! A really good song from back when Michael Jackson was a human being!

I remember when this first came out when I was a junior in high school--I was pleased that Michael "grew up" to put out some good music, instead of fading off into oblivion or worse.

Well, he has put out good music...these days, though, I have to try to forget what happened to the artist...

Apropos of these comments by Peri, I'm linking to two articles of interest; the first discusses precisely the phenomenon of being able to appreciate an artist in spite of the fact that one may not like the personal behavior or opinions of the artist in question; the second is just a discussion of tangentially related issues dealing with musical purities and "impurities" (it's posted in reply to some comments I've gotten offlist about my various choices):

Taking the Ad Hominem Out of Art Appreciation

Musical Purists and "Impurities"