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Song of the Day #655

Song of the Day: Another Sleepless Night, words and music by Mike "Hitman" Wilson and Tracey Amos, features the blazing vocals of Shawn Christopher. Listen to an audio clip of this hot dance classic here. (And, by all means, don't lose sleep ... Notablog will return on June 5, 2006. NYU is moving my whole site to a "new, more robust server.")


Hey Chris, why don't you tell people how you shook your booty on the dance floor to this one. I remember it well.

Hey, I still shake my booty on the dancefloor, Len! :)

Just listened to this. Um, yeah, it's one of them there booty shaking songs, all right... so shake away! I have quite the image now...

LOL... I have a few more booty-shaking songs coming up next week, along with some bossa nova and some great American standards.