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Notablog Evolution: Song Comments Arrive!

As I announced here, there have been many changes made by the NYU Web Team to the interface for Notablog. I want to thank the whole NYU crew (Jodi, Amit, Tom) for updating the site with a new MovableType Publishing Platform, which has made posting to this blog much easier and much more efficient. Moreover, I like the way the blog looks, and judging from my offlist email, most people like the new look too.

One of the biggest problems that I've had in maintaining the blog has been my inability to moderate comments and to eliminate trackbacks. Without moderation of comments, and without the ability to restrict trackbacks, I had been struggling daily to regulate thousands of links to porno or gambling sites, and it became virtually impossible to leave this blog alone for a day or two, without inviting hundreds of additional spam links that had to be subsequently erased.

Now that I have the capacity to moderate and eliminate these kinds of links, I have decided, starting today, June 1, 2006, to open up virtually all Notablog posts to comments. This means... DRUM ROLL PLEASE:

Readers can now register their thoughts on... my "Song of the Day" picks (including today's pick).

Heaven Help Us.

Well, truthfully, I get many daily emails from people all over the world about my "Song of the Day" listings. Every so often, I've actually heard from the musician or composer I've highlighted, which is very gratifying, indeed. And judging by the statistics, my favorite songs and my favorite things are consistently the most popular pages on the website. So, by popular demand, I'm going to experiment with open comments on my "Song of the Day" listings from this point on.

Please note, however, that I'm not interested in debating my very eclectic musical tastes. This is not the place to tell me that "this song sucks" or to ask me, incredulously, "how can you like that musician?" If readers don't like my tastes, they are free to develop their own "Song of the Day" listings, and I encourage it!

This caution notwithstanding, I think it will be very interesting to read comments on the daily musical posts; if they are half as instructive as the ones I receive by private email, alerting me to other versions of songs or to the history of a song or the musical or movie or composer from whence it comes ... then Notablog will evolve into a rather entertaining place to visit.

Since my overall comments policy is still in effect (see here), I will be closing the comments sections for older posts as they disappear from the "Recent Comments" sidebar. Further, as my policy statement indicates:

Readers are advised to stay "on message" in any particular discussion thread. Inappropriate or rude comments will be deleted, along with any "spam" messages, and those who post such comments will be prohibited from further posting at Notablog.

Of course, Notablog is not the only activity in which I am currently engaged. I am working diligently on many, many projects, including my typical editing duties for The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies, and my writing of various magazine articles and entries for several encyclopedias and forthcoming books. But with the onset of Summer, I will also be taking some time off.

First, please note that there will be no posts on June 3, 2006 or June 4, 2006; on those dates, New York University will be migrating all current accounts to a "new, more robust server," and that means that this site, the comments, and my own publishing platform will be totally inaccessible. I will resume "Song of the Day" listings on June 5th.

Second, please note that I plan to go on summer hiatus for about a month, overlapping July and August.

In the meantime, all I ask is that you have fun. I know that I'm having a ball!

Comments welcome.



Now we can rock with you.

Great song pick today, by the way.

Hope I get to catch you in NYC this summer Chris.

And I was doing the comments on Song of the Day before you hopped on the bandwagon.

Hehe, just a bit of humor.

Be well!

Thanks Chris! This is a great idea.

Thanks for the comments, folks; yes, I think this should be a lot of fun!