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Notablog readers don't need to be reminded that Derek Jeter is one of my favorite Yankees of all time.

Well, the Yanks are currently losing to the Kansas City Royals, 7-5; the game is in rain delay. But this much is official: Derek Jeter started the evening with 1,999 career hits, and he collected two more, putting his total at 2,001. That makes Jeter only the eighth Yankee in the team's illustrious history to collect 2000 or more hits.

Congratulations to the Yankee Captain!

And Go Yanks!

Update: Uh, yeah, the Yanks did end up losing that game, 7-6.

Comments welcome.


Uh oh, Sorry were beating your Yanks!

If it helps, I am not really a baseball fan so I won't rub it in.

Your new interface is groovy.

Hey, Nick, yes, yes, you boys beat us the other night. But the Yanks came a stormin' back today... kickin those KC butts, 15-4.

But thanks for the compliments on the new interface. There is still some tweaking that NYU needs to finish up next week.