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So... Who Will Win "American Idol"?

I haven't the foggiest. I don't know. I just don't know.

I think Taylor may have won the night by a slim margin... but then again, I'm just not sure. And who knows who the audience will vote for!? I don't think there will be a huge "injustice" either way... but I'd love to hear your thoughts...

Taylor Hicks or Katharine McPhee???

Comments welcome.


I saw the final competition late last night, after TIVOing it. I think I'd give my vote to Katharine. Taylor is okay. I don't know if they will be able to do much commercial stuff with him, tho.

I think Hicks is a bit cheesy, kinda like a Vegas performer. I think McPhee is a poor man's Kelly Clarkson.

Whose gonna win? I figure it will be McPhee. She's got the package or at least a better package than Hicks.

Hard to predict. It was very close last week, and it's not obvious where the Elliott votes will be transfered. I think the judges were too hard on Katherine and too adulatory towards Taylor, and think Katherine is slightly the better performer, but I won't be ranting about the injustice of it all if Taylor wins. I suspect they'll both get a record deal either way, a la Bo and Carrie.

If I'd had my druthers, neither. But that's just me.

I must admit that Katharine did much better on SWOTR last night than she did last week (she was wonderful), and also improved her performance on that "whoo-hoo" song she'd performed earlier in the season (some song about a cherry tree?). Unfortunately, she completely fell apart on that triple-cheese pizza of an American Idol single, where she exhibited her most unattractive vocal traits. Katharine, you can't belt it without screeching, so don't try!

Taylor did very well on his first song. "Levon" could have been better, had they allowed Taylor more time for a build-up instead of the truncated version. His triple-cheese pizza "AI single" started out rough but really improved as the performance went on.

I predict Taylor will win by a comfortable margin, because of the following factors:
1) The Soul Patrol--he has a huge fan base and has never been in the bottom three (or bottom two);
2)Elliott fans were furious at Katharine for her reaction when Elliott was eliminated and will vote for Taylor just to get back at Katharine. There was also a brief camera shot of Elliott in the audience last night, mouthing "Soul Patrol" after a Taylor performance, which might have spurred the Yaminiacs on;
3) Never underestimate the power of Vote For the Worst. Taylor's been their poster boy since Kellie was eliminated, and it's widely known that Taylor doesn't mind in the least and in fact, "is honored" by that dubious distinction;


4) ...and I cheated by going on dialidol.com, which has been pretty darned accurate in their predictions, and they have Taylor leading approx. 12% over Katharine.

Tailor is going to win it tonight. I think he deserves it.

All you East Coasters know now who won (I do too, but I cheat by going on line).

Not surprising, really. I just hope someone gives Elliott a contract.

Indeed, Peri... The Soul Patrol must have been celebrating. :)

I really enjoyed Elliott's performances last night, and also Al Jarreau with Paris. And while not everyone sounded great on the Burt Bacharach musical medley, it was still nice to hear some of the best music that Bacharach has offered over the past 30+ years.

In any event, yes, Taylor is the winner. I'm sure both Taylor and Katharine will be charting on Billboard, and other finalists will as well.


Yes, the Al Jarreau duet was gold. But Kat and Meatloaf was a bit of a WTF moment. And if someone can explain the travesty that was Toni Braxton, please do. Double-WTF??
One thing that cracked me up was when they were making fun of that Clay-Aiken-wannabe, and Clay actually showed up -- either that was a genuine surprise to the kid, or he's Oscar-caliber. Speaking of "sanction of the victim," what's the deal with all these people so happily and eagerly complicit in their own humiliation? It's one thing for the TV audience to get a chuckle out of the audition footage of the awful and self-deceptive, but to come onstage and get an award for suckitude? I don't get it.

More votes than were cast for President. Something to think about.

Chris G

I don't think that's a fair comparison. You can only vote once for President and the process requires more than just speed dialing on your telephone.

I'll join Chris S and Aeon in praising the Paris and Al Jarreau duet. I found it the highlight of the evening.

Burt Bacharach looked great! And yes Chris, Bacharach and David's music is wonderful. Poor Dion Warwick has seen better days though.

"More votes than were cast for President. Something to think about." Not really -- unlike the constitution, AI allows you to vote as often as you like.

Ok, following is my recap of the finale:

Al Jarreau and Paris! Wow!

Paris needs a little seasoning on the scatting bit, but otherwise, wonderful. Al Jarreau is such a gentleman, sharing the spotlight with little Paris. He even dressed down to give Paris a chance to shine. I don't know much about Mr. Jarreau, but every time I hear him or see him perform, I get the warm fuzzies. He's so talented and he seems like such a humble, friendly guy.

Chris and Live: not my thang, dawg, but at least Chris got the opportunity to make it up to the band after his sin of omission against them with the "Walk the Line" bit earlier this season. The lead singer is gracious in sharing the spotlight with AI's first "real" rocker.

Kat and Meatloaf: WTF? God, Meatloaf looks and sings awful. Kat not much better, but she then, she looks nonplussed the entire time. As am I. Who dreamed this up? Has Katharine made a lot of enemies amongst the show's producers? After my initial shock and amusement at this most unlikely pairing, I get bored and really, really uncomfortable watching Meatloaf, and go into the kitchen to make a pitcher of Crystal Light, pour myself a glass, and get back to the livingroom in time to see Kat give Meatloaf a wink. Once again, WTF?

Puck and Pickler. Heee. Pickler can't sing worth a darn, but she's a natural comedienne...and isn't it nice that AI is trying to help her get her own show...

They are bringing back the jokes from the audition rounds. You know, two of the three cowboys aren't that bad. The Danny Glover of the group has a nice tenor voice. Turkey boy is the lone bad one, so why is HE wearing the white hat? The tall guy has a nice bass voice. That had to have counted against him right there. Not too many basses crack the top twenty, and they always play the villians in opera.

I briefly wonder whatever happened to that one-hit wonder band with the bass lead singer who had a hit quite a few years back with that "Once, there was a giiii-rrr-l who..." song whose chorus consisted of, simply, "mmmmm." Very briefly. It takes me about 1000 times longer to write about it than it did to think.

Mary J Blige is a stage hogging belter. I'm surprised she doesn't just pitch poor Elliot into the orchestra pit. I also realize, at this moment, why Elliott didn't win...he didn't have the killer, stage hogging "it's all about me" instinct. He performs some lovely runs and has a remarkable voice, but Mary J Blige does all she can to cover that up...get off of the stage, you stage hog! This is NOT supposed to be your moment; it's supposed to be Elliott's! If I were Elliott's mom, I'd bitch slap this woman!

Tay Tay and the woman in the slip...Toni Braxton, is she? Man, she's trying everything to turn this into something more appropriate for HBO than wholesome family fun, but Mr. Soul Patrol just ain't buyin' it. Heeeee.

So Carrie Underwood comes on and sings something boring about moving away from home and begging us to please, please never forget her. Oh Carrie, I've been TRYING to forget you since...the beginning of Season 4, actually. GO BO!

Yeah! A tribute to Burt Bacharach! I'm in heaven! Michael and I have dreamed about "Burt Bacharach Theme Night" on this show for years, and they never did it--but this will suffice! Is it possible that Mr. Bacharach is 80 years old? He's still such a handsome man!

It's nice to see and hear Melissa again--she really DOES have a great, smoky voice and this Bacharach is just right for it. I could do without Ace.

Little Lisa does a beautiful job with "Alfie"--Burt, hire her to sing your songs. Now.

I am once again reminded that Mandisa was voted off this show waaaayyyy too soon.

Chris looked really good in a tux. Never cared for his voice, but damn, he looks good. And it actually looks like he's having fun. That's new.

Oh, Elliott, your voice thrills me! If I wasn't already spoken for, I wouldn't mind making your house a home.

Dionne Warwick, did your Psychic Friends tell you who's going to be the next American Idol? Spill it, girlfriend, because I think the stroke affected your voice. That last note was really, really sour. This is more painful than watching Meatloaf. Stay well, dear. You still look like a million bucks.

Commercial break and the phone rings. Michael and I swap notes about Bacharach and Warwick and the Idols through the millionth Coke commercial, then it's back to watching the show.

They brought the wannabe Clay Aiken kid who had to pee back to the show. I don't get it. Money has to have changed hands here. Self-deprecating humor is charming--I have a lot of trouble with people who take themselves waaay too seriously (life is much too serious a thing to always be talking seriously about it, in MY sense of life), and I suppose it's not bad if these people are aware they are being exploited at their own expense, but...I don't know.

And, here comes the REAL Clay. What the F has he done to his hair? The kid acts as if he's just seen Jesus. Awwww...but Clay butchers one of my favorite Elton John songs. NO surprise there.

So Ryan the twit says that's it, now we will annouce the results, but there's 15 minutes left and I don't believe him. Is there at least 10 minutes of Coke, Cingular and Ford commercials in my future?


Omigod. Taylor! Prince is in the house and he wants his purple jacket back! Ok, so he's WEARING a purple jacket, but Prince knows that you can NEVER have enough purple jackets!

Remember, back in the 80's, when we thought Prince was the "weird" one and that Michael Jackson was more "normal"?

Oh man, every time I hear Prince I want to get funk-aay. Really, REALLY funk-aaay. What can I say? I'm a dirty girl....

One more AI commercial for Ford. Whatever. Taylor and Kat just got cars. It's the least Ford could do for all the advertising the kids did for them during the last 12 weeks, I suppose. I wonder if Taylor and Kat will argue about who gets the red one.

Ok, so this is starting to go on longer than the Super Bowl pre-show. All the glitz and glamor and hype, and the Super Bowl GAME is never much of a surprise. And neither is American Idol when Taylor is named the winner.

WTF. David Hasslehoff is crying! Now my evening is complete!

That Mandisa sure can sing!

Aeon, I agree about the Kat and Meatloaf and Toni Braxton moments... WTF indeed! And those self-flaggelating moments by Idol rejects were painful to watch.

And good points by Mick and Chris G. too, as always.

Now, as for you, Peri, my sweet: I'm ready to turn my blog over to you! Damn! What a terrific read your review was! Lovely! Well, well done.


*blush* Thanks, Chris, what a sweet thing to say!


My pleasure, Peri!

BTW, the Idols are already lining up with their record contracts, and the summer tour begins!

And, again, if you're at all into dance, check out "So You Think You Can Dance."