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American Idol, American Standards

I always look forward to the installment on "American Idol" that focuses on the Great American Songbook. Last night's competition round was, for me, the most satisfying yet insofar as most of the contestants were pretty strong. Of course, some of the great standards were "butchered," as one of the contestants admitted, but it was still an entertaining hour.

Tonight, Rod Stewart takes the stage to showcase his take on the standards. I've not been too impressed with his various volumes dedicated to the Golden Era of American songwriting, but I give him credit for mining the gold therein.

In any event, after tonight, another contestant will "bite the dust" (yeah, they did a Queen-focused show last week).

Comments welcome.


I think Kelly Pickler is the next to go!

Ironically, she's the one who admitted to "butchering" the song she chose. "Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered" (ah, they don't write 'em like that anymore)---led Simon to say she was just "bewildered."

We'll see tonight!

Well, she certainly _should_ be the one to go. But democracy being the blunt instrument that it is, she may well get an undeserved pass. Ace did better than I expected, and I'm not a huge fan, but if it's anyone besides Kellie, it will be demonstrably wrong. Wouldn't surprise me, though. FAR superior: Katherine, Paris, Elliott. We'll see tonight...

I like Elliot. He has a fantastic voice and his performances are consistent every week. His take on “Moodey’s Mood for Love” a few weeks ago makes him my idol.

SPOILER ALERT: And so, the tossed contestant: Ace!!!

I love Elliott, and I even link to his rendition of "Moody's Mood For Love" right here.

Any predictions as to who will be left standing in the top three? Top two? I have my thoughts...

It's not a grave injustice that Ace was sent home, although I'd argue he's better than Pickler. In fact, all of the "bottom three" last night were demonstrably better than Pickler. Her fan base has evidently decided she must win, even if she's plainly not the best, not even top 5. Good lesson in democracy! ;-)

Soooo, true. I was actually thinking that the group on the far side of the stage would be the "bottom 3," but had a feeling that they were going to switch it on us.

Very interesting group still standing...

Oh, AI talk! Yum!

Ok: Eliot is far and away the best singer on the show. He had me at "Moody's Mood for Love." He's the best singer they've had since Fantasia, whose potential has been squandered since her "victory" two years ago. Fantasia has rough potential that should be nurtured rather than putting out that "Baby Mama" schlock.

But enough ranting about the squandering of Fantasia. On the night Eliot sang "Moody's," Simon told the guy he shouldn't sing those kinds of songs...Simon may know what's "marketable" but doesn't know good music...

Based on talent, Eliot SHOULD win, but won't.

Kelly's "ah'm juhst a duhmb blonde hi-yick from the Say-outh" persona seems to have garnered a lot of irrational affection from the American Public. Let's hear it for Daisy Mae Yokum...blech. She'll be in the top three, mark my words...

The top three should be--well, Eliot and two other people--possibly Taylor and Katharine.

The top three WILL be: Taylor, Chris and Kelly.


I’m increasingly optimistic about Elliott’s chances of making it to the final 3. Unfortunately the boring Chris and the untalented twit Kelly will probably join him. My final 3 would be Elliott, Katherine and Paris.

Now about Rod Stewart and his recordings of the Great American Songbook. Talk about butchering wonderful songs. After listening to his performance last night, I’m convinced that old lecher wouldn’t be able to crack the top 24 of American Idol. Thankfully he’s returning to Rock.

I think Chris pointed out that “Moody’s Mood for Love” was based on a James Moody solo during a recording of “I’m in the Mood for Love”. I had the good fortune of seeing James Moody in concert a few years ago at the San Diego Street Scene. While Maceo Parker was creating noise on one of the main stages, Moody was blowing away those who just happened upon him on one of the side stages. Oh the injustice!

Know this isn't related to the main discussion but did anyone catch the Queen focused show?

I am a fan of their sounds and like'd to know if it went well.


It did not go well.


It all depends on what you mean by "well." ;-)

They showed clips of Brian and Roger jamming with the kids. There was one now-infamous clip where Ace came to them with his own arrangement of "We Will Rock You," and it appears that the guys, Brian in particular, aren't too happy with the arragement, and balked. (Brian has since commented on his blog that it was not that way at all and Brian was none-too-happy with the AI editing of the clips).

I could do a recap of the episode, but well--it will suffice to say that Freddie Mercury is sorely missed.

On a positive note, it wasn't as bad as I feared it would be.

Thanks for tipping me off to the band blogs.

Are there any clips of the show available online?

Hope the version of Bohemian Rhapsody,if there was one,went well.

Bohemian Rhapsody was performed by Kelly Pickler. I believe all three judges liked her version. I thought it was horrendous. Constantine Maroulis did a fantastic version of Bohemian Rhapsody last season.

I believe you may be able to pull up some clips from the past shows on americanidol.com. On that site, you can also find recaps of the various episodes under "Jaded Journalist".

Yes, I have no real life! ;-)

Heh,thanks for the info ( :

I'll do some surfing when I get a chance.

Well, another week, another show. It will be very interesting to see where AI goes tonight.

About the remaining contestants: I do enjoy Elliott's performances very much too. I'm not as crazy about Pickler as others have expressed; I do like Taylor, who is sufficiently different to be interesting. Chris has talent, but his vibrato makes him sound like a nanny-goat at times. McPhee sounds and looks the part of an Idol. And I think Paris has a lot of promise.

Anyway, we'll see what happens tonight...

Well, Andrea Bocelli is the guest coach and the theme is "classic love songs." I hope they don't force the kids to onlt sing songs from Bocelli's recorded work. Mastering lyrics in English can be difficult enough for some of these kids -- to ask them to sing in Italian is asking a bit much.

The premise doesn't sound promising, but we'll see...

I managed to track down some clips related to the Queen show on Americanidol.com but not any really good ones of the performances.

Just a lot of the judges talking with the contestants afterwards.

Kellie gone, only a few more shows to go. Stay tuned.