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Major League Round-Up

The New York Mets won their opener, 3-2, hosting the biggest Opening Day sellout crowd in their history at Shea Stadium, with 3B David Wright hitting an opposite field home run.

And then, last night, the New York Yankees rocked pitcher Barry Zito and the Oakland As with a 15-2 opening day victory. A-Rod had a grand slam home run, Johnny Damon went 3 for 7 in his Yankee debut, Hideki Matsui tacked on a HR too, and The Captain had 2 RBIs, 2 hits, and scored 2 runs.

That's not all the news: I caught a few moments of the San Diego Padres-San Francisco Giants game on ESPN as well. Former Mets catcher Mike Piazza hit a home run in his first at-bat as a Padres player; he led his team to a 6-1 victory over the Giants. Barry Bonds, under suspicion of rampant steroid use over the last few years, was greeted with quite a few boos; at one point a fan threw a syringe in his direction. Bonds should expect that and more in the coming weeks, as he moves toward eclipsing Babe Ruth's and Hank Aaron's career home run stats.

One game down, 161 games to go.

Oh, and that reminds me: Check out fellow blogger Tom Stone's post on his baseball book project here. I have had some really good baseball chats with Tom, who runs Episteme Links. His Philosopher Stone blog started up last month.

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I have a uncle whose a Red Sox fan.

Are you friendly to them Chris?

I swear, this is going to sound like one of those tired cliches, but, honestly, one of my oldest and dearest friends is... oy, a RED SOX fan. For the first 20 years of our friendship, it was terribly one sided. There was that year in 1978, when I got him a Ron Guidry shirt, and he got me a Jim Rice shirt. And Rice got the MVP. GRUMBLE, GRRRRRRRRRR

But some years after that... well, the Sox won ONE. Which, of course, negates four score and six years of history. :)

Anyway, some of my best friends ...

Bonds is an arrogant, cheating, 'roid juicin' jerk, but c'mon...throwing syringes? It had better NOT have been a San Diego native who pulled that stunt, but one of the myriad transplants lured here by the weather. That crud made me ashamed of my hometown.

I think throwing syringes is bit over the top. I think hitting another fan is perhaps the biggest reason not to. Some other symbol should be found.

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There's a battle in the family between the Red Sox and the Yankees sometimes