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Play Ball!

The World Champion Chicago White Sox opened the 2006 baseball season with a win last night.

Today, weather permitting, the New York Mets open their season at Shea Stadium, and the Yankees open their season on the road, in Oakland.

I'm still busy with journal editing, but you can rest assured I'll be watching the Yanks, starting 10 p.m. tonight.


Comments welcome.


"rest assured I'll be watching the Yanks, starting 10 p.m. tonight."
Very courteous of them to hold off on starting the game til after "24" is over!

I thought Japan won the World Championship.

If only I knew much about baseball but I have a uncle whose a Yankee's fan.

Aeon, you are so right! Very courteous of them, indeed.

Mick: You're right... I guess I should have said "World Series Champion"... though that World thingy was kinda ridiculous. I mean: Mike Piazza playing for Italy? :)

Nick: A fine Uncle, I'm sure!

Chris, I was just kidding around with you. Yes the World Baseball Classic was a bit ridiculous. I never did figure out the tie breaking formula. Korea beat Japan 2 out of three yet that one loss kept Korea out of the title game. A best out of seven series is a better way to determine a champion. And besides, with the exception of Cuba, all the best players of each team were MLB players. I am glad that Mike Piazza is out of Italy and playing for my Pads :)

He's definitely an interesting guy and his hometown is philly.

A priest and knowledgeable about European history.