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Bill Beutel, RIP

Like Peter Jennings, Bill Beutel was a daily fixture in the Sciabarra household. In fact, as co-anchor of the 6 pm "Eyewitness News," Beutel was the perfect "class act" prelude to Jennings' broadcast at 6:30 pm. And he stayed at the local newsdesk as WABC-TV anchor for 35 years; when he retired a few years back, his presence was sorely missed.

Beutel died over the weekend. He was 75.

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I'm sorry to learn of this passing also Chris (though I didn't know of Beutel at all). It's amazing how in today world, media personalities such as movie stars and news presenters can come to hold such value for those of us who never (or rarely) meet or communicate with them!


This is so true, Matthew. I find it remarkable that strangers can find a way to reach through the medium and touch us... even though they will never know it, and we will never meet them.

The Internet is, of course, a bit more intimate in terms of enabling one-to-one contact... but just look at how many of us develop a rapport with people we've never met... and may never meet. The people posting here are prime examples...

What a world...