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Winter Olympics and More

Readers may have noticed that I'm doing a lot of singing and music-listening on the blog over the past couple of weeks. I just haven't had as much time to blog, even though there have been quite a few issues I'd like to write about. The upcoming Journal of Ayn Rand Studies Spring issue has been taking up a lot of my time during the day, and will continue to occupy me through the month of March. In the evening, I've been catching up on my reading, and enjoying the XX Winter Olympics (which has compelled me to tape a few of the TV series I watch on a regular basis ... so I'm behind on a number of programs...).

I have really enjoyed the skiing and the aerials, ice hockey, speed skating, snowboarding, and figure skating too (though I was rather disappointed that Sasha Cohen failed to get the gold). Last night, the figure skaters treated us to the Exhibition Gala; I have to say that I was most impressed with, and moved by, the interpretive piece performed by Johnny Weir to Frank Sinatra's rendition of "My Way." If ever there were a song perfect for a specific figure skater, this was it. Too much grace is sacrificed during the competitions in the quest to achieve technical points. Weir was among those who reminded us of just how graceful and beautiful this sport can be.

I'll have some things to say about current events in the coming days and weeks.

Comments welcome.


Too bad Weir botched the long program.

"Too much grace is sacrificed during the competitions in the quest to achieve technical points."

Indeed. I've yet to get over Michelle Kwan being robbed of the gold in Nagano.

What was the name and artist of the song Arakawa skated to during the Exhibition Gala? It's one of those "Senior moment" things.......

L, the song that Arakawa skated to was "You Raise Me Up." I have heard the version by Josh Groban, but this was most certainly not Groban's version---unless Groban's voice has suddenly climbed a few octaves. (The version played behind Arakawa's performance was by a female singer.)

I did a quick search on google, and the articles mention that she danced to Josh Groban's rendition... but, as I said, that was not Groban (unless they were running some weirdly altered vocal speed-up with tempo compression).

Hope this helps.

As to Weir and Kwan: You're right, Hong, about Weir; and I will always lament the fact that Kwan never got the gold.


My thoughts on the Winter Olympics:

I hope Weir competes next time. He's fun to watch and his outrageous quotes are amusing.

I agree with Chris on grace being sacrificed for points in ice skating competition. Michelle Kwan was sadly missed during these Olympics. On another note, I'm sorry the rule against women wearing pantsuits in competition was relaxed--those ladies' pantsuits look just TERRIBLE. The lovely Irina Slutskaya looked like an adolescent boy in competition, and those fluttering pantlegs on other female competitors really detracted from the aesthetics of their movements on the ice. Was anyone other than I bothered by this development?

Bode Miller: As my father would say, that guy has an alligator mouth and a hummingbird butt. I don't mind hype and a big mouth if you bring the game, but he didn't.

All hail to Joey Cheek, the only adult on the US Male longtrack speedskating team. I hope Harvard reconsiders their decision on admittance.

Glad to see Apolo Anton Ohno win a gold the old fashioned way--by flat out coming in first!

And Chris: Hope your JARS work is coming along quickly. There's been so much going on in the world and we're thirsty to read your take on them! And speaking of JARS, please tell your collaborator that I wish he had a "gift subscription" section on the website. I wanted to give a JARS subscription to someone as a birthday present, but there was no place to do that! :-(