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Spring (Training) is Here

With a dismal forecast by the Groundhog, and the biggest snowfall in New York City history, with temperatures entering the 60s today, and dropping back down to the 20s tonight, we're not quite sure what season it is. But yesterday, pitchers and catchers reported to Yankees Spring Training Camp. And that's good enough for me on my birthday (which is today!).

Welcome back, Yanks! Only 13 days, 3 hours, and 45 minutes to the first Spring Training Exhibition Game!

Comments welcome.



Have a great day. Birthdays should always be a celebration -- celebrate you today!!!

Happy Birthday Friend!!

I hope you celebrate your existence like crazy today


Happy Birthday Chris! I wish you well but not your Yankees. Go Padres!

Happy Birthday, Chris.

BTW ... how is this for a scary prediction ....
... the class of the AL East this year will be ... Toronto


Chris; Let me also join in wishing you a happy birthday. May you have good health and lots of book sales. I hope you find another Blondie. Chris Grieb


Let me add to the chorus of Happy Birthdays!


Happiest of Birthdays, Chris!

Many happy returns, Chris. Best to you on your 30th birthday! (Well, 40 is the new 30, right?) ;)


Happy Birthday, Chris. You're a Yankee in making the world that matters a better place by being here. Please continue.

Best wishes on your Birthday, Chris!

Happy belated birthday, Chris! I hope it was a good one--celebrate all weekend, buddy!


Hey, thanks to all those who wrote here at Notablog, and to me privately, for your birthday wishes. Excuse my delay in replying, but when one's birthday falls on a three-day weekend, the celebration suddenly balloons to three nights and four days. As Bob Cratchit would have said: "I was making rather merry..."

So, thanks, Aeon, Nick, Robert, Mick, Jane, Joe, Peri, James, and Casey (but if 40 is the new 30, what's 46? :) ).

Speaking of which, Mick: You must still be sore over that four-game World Series sweep of the Padres by the Yankees back in 1998, eh? :) That 98 Yankees team was just unbelievable, so don't feel too badly. In all honesty, however, I'll be watching the Padres a bit more this year. You now have possession of one of my favorite Mets players: Mike Piazza. (Yeah, I am a Yankees fanatic, but I do respect talent, wherever it might exist!)

Thanks George too, though I do think you're not off in your comment on Toronto. Of course, it all looks good on paper, even for the Yankees... but we do need to see how these things translate into a season's reality: injuries, trades, etc.

Chris, thanks too for your kind thoughts; I may not find another Blondie, literally, but our hearts are certainly open to the possibility someday ...

All my best always,

Happy birthday, Chris!

Oops! I missed this (I was in San Francisco). Belated happy birthday!

Glad you had a great weekend, Chris.

This baseball talk reminds me of the last time I was in NYC--during the Yankees/Red Sox World series. During the Series, when I was out and about, I saw, naturally, all kinds of people wearing Yankees regalia. The morning after the Red Sox won, I wondered what the mood would be on the street. That morning, I saw something that made me smile and epitomized for me the spirit of New Yorkers: I passed a couple of guys outfitted in Jets gear; they'd bounced right back from the loss--the World Series (and the baseball season) was over; time to move on...

Hey, Roderick, thanks for the belated greetings, and thanks also to Peri. Yeah, you're right about New Yorkers and their capacity to bounce back.

Now, if Mother Nature would cooperate a little and bring us Spring a bit sooner, I'd really appreciate it. (They're expecting snow today. ugh...)


A certain beardless center fielder had a very auspicious debut for the Yankees. I know it's only Spring Training but it looks like the Yanks are retooled again. DAMN IT!

Go Pads!

Here's a belated birthday greeting (here) that Chris only discovered today (which was not belated there). But it's been there - just for you, Chris.


(I love it when these little Easter eggs, er... birthday eggs finally get discovered...)

All the happiness in the world to you from all of us.

Michael & Kat & all the others

Just wanted to thank Mick and Mike for the additional posts here. Mick, don't know if you're named after a famous Yankee :) ... but, yes, the Yanks look like they are retooled for the new season... on paper. Let's see what happens in reality. :)

And Michael, thanks, belatedly, for that very nice little birthday tribute, and for the "Sciabarra Corner" (which can be found here).