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Gay Films Breaking America's Back!

It appears that a lot of people are very upset because this year's crop of "Best Picture" and other Oscar nominees are too blue for Red State America. Admittedly, I have only seen two of the "Best Picture" nominated films so far�"Crash" and "Brokeback Mountain," which has inspired this ongoing lengthy thread at Notablog. As for "Crash": I thought it was a very provocative film in its examination of the dynamics of racial prejudice, and, unless we are going to start defining "bigotry" as an American value, I am at a bit of a loss as to why anyone would view it as "un-American."

This evening, however, I learned more about fundamentalist objections to the Oscars while watching "ABC World News Tonight."

Christian conservatives are telling us again that Hollywood is "out of touch" with mainstream America. Blah. Blah. Blah. But with "Brokeback Mountain" now nominated for eight Oscars, and "Capote" nominated for five Oscars, and "Transamerica" nominated for two Oscars, it appears Sexual Perverts Are Taking Over!!! Beware the Effects on Impressionable Youths!

Ironically, many Christian conservatives have written glowing reviews of "Brokeback Mountain"�some saying that the film is a finely crafted piece of celluloid, "brilliant" and "moving," in many ways. But that is what makes the film so dangerous. It's precisely the kind of effective tool that will corrupt the morals of this Christian nation! It cannot be tolerated because it is so obviously a part of the "Gay Agenda."

Mind you, it's not exactly as if "gay" themes have never been portrayed in Hollywood films (see this "Gays in Movies" timeline at ABC). It's just that some of today's celluloid queers are ... RANCH HANDS!!! Of all the nerve!!!

Well, people "in Peoria" are just fed up! And they are voting with their wallets; "the summer comedy 'Wedding Crashers'," it has been noted, "has done more box-office business" than all five of the "Best Picture" nominees combined.


Still, as the ABC report notes: "There seem to be dueling impulses in Hollywood right now. More gay-themed movies than ever were nominated for Oscars. But the movie studios have increasingly been courting Christians with films such as 'The Chronicles of Narnia' and 'The Passion of the Christ.'" Yeah. How about that?

I am, quite frankly, so sick and tired of hearing about all this crap. If Christian conservatives are pissed off because a couple of "gay-themed" films "broke" through into the mainstream marketplace, clearly nobody is compelling them at gun point to go see those films. And, likewise, nobody is compelling gays to go see the newest film installment of the "Left Behind" series.

Indeed, I'm amused that some Christian conservatives are screaming bloody hell over the use of "propaganda" in film. Pot. Kettle. Black. For a survey of how well the new crop of Christian fundamentalists have used various media for their own ideological purposes, see my article "Caught Up in the Rapture."

And I don't want to hear that I just have a prejudice against "Christian-themed" films. Hogwash. My favorite film is still "Ben-Hur," but that never stopped me from having an eclectic cinematic palette.

Comments welcome.


As a strait white male, who happened to love Brokeback Mountain, I'm tired of this Hollywood Vs "America" bull shit. A good film is a good film. Brokeback Mountain is refreshing in that unlike most Hollywood movies recently it's worth the price of admission. You couldn't pay me to see Wedding Crashers!

And how are "Hollywood" values any different from true American values? The United States is a diverse nation. As a whole we're relatively conservative, yet tolerant. Our wonderful nation is so under-served by the intolerant Jesus freaks guiding the idiot Bush.

Hollywood couldnt be more American then baseball and apple pie. Its not all about making money, the art of cinema is valued, but a movie wont be made unless its backers feel its a money maker. Hollywood doesnt impose its values on America, it reflects those values. Much to my dismay most of the time.

Im encouraged that Brokeback Mountain getting mainstream recognition. Its a sign of progress in American values.

Thank you Chris and Mick for putting into words what's been on my mind for a long time. I can not believe that the neo-cons have managed not only to high-jack the government, but also the Bible's teachings. Have the majority of Christians forgotten Christ's message of love and forgiveness? Apparently so. But then what's more headline worthy; Gay's are taking over the world or Don't judge, lest ye be judged?

I have a niece and nephew that are living openly gay lives. Thank goodness. They are brother and sister. They come from a very devout Catholic background. Fortunately, both my brother and sister-in-law have continued to love and support them and their partners. The themes covered in Brokeback Mountain are very near and dear to me.

Let's hope that this dialog, while sometimes repugnant, opens hearts and minds to love and understanding.

When I was a boy there were a host of films that had the Roman Catholic Church featured. There were lots of films with priests and nuns. There were films with Catholic families. I haven't seen or heard of a movie like that in years. There are now films using the sexual molestation scandal in the church. I can recall only one film about a Protesant peacher(A Man Called Peter). It is sometimes to catch the coming attractions for some of these movies on TCM. The one for Going My Way refers to Bing Crosby as rolicking gay priest. It sound a little different today. Going back to Brokeback it seems to me that these two men do not have a happy life. It is some way their doing but it is still unhappy.

Chris G. - There was one film I saw on IFC a few years back that was about a gay Catholic priest. It was set in Ireland [?]. It was made in Great Britain and the Church was in an uproar about the subject matter. I believe the name of the movie was Priest. I could be wrong. It was a moving story about this priest, taking care of one of his young female flock that was being abused by a family member. He goes agaist the seal of the confessional to get the abuser. At the same time he is fighting his attraction to a young man in the small village. It is a very good film. I just wish I could be sure of the title.

Have a great weekend!

Robin - You have the correct title. " Priest " was a wonderful film.

Priest sounds like a great film. It seems curious to me that Catholics were a smaller part of the population back in the 40ths and 50ths yet more movies featured priests,and nuns were made.

Thanks for all your comments here, folks! As always, very illuminating and interesting...

As an aside, I did see "Priest" and liked it very much.