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Mmmm ... Cushman Honeybells

I am not in the habit of making my site into a commercial affair, but I just got through eating a Cushman Honeybell. And this morning, I made myself a glass of sweet, delicious Cushman Honeybell juice with my breakfast. That's because we order these Honeybells every January.

What on earth is a Honeybell?

It's a hybrid fruit that looks like an orange... but is much sweeter than any orange I've ever eaten. In truth, this unique natural hybrid citrus fruit is derived from a Dancy Tangerine and a Duncan Grapefruit... and tastes like neither of them.

If you have never eaten this fruit, go to this link, and check out the produce!

And NO, I am NOT getting any kickbacks from the company. But you can't order these babies beyond the end of January. Act fast!

And now we return to Notablog...

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