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"Ben-Hur" on "Jeopardy"

Readers of Notablog know that I'm a fan of both the film "Ben-Hur" and the game show "Jeopardy." So my heart skipped a beat when I turned on "Jeopardy" at 6 pm (Satellite TV provides both a 6 pm and 7 pm slot for the show) and saw a whole "double Jeopardy" category devoted to the 1959 film.

I'm very easy to please.

And, yes, I knew all the answers... phrased properly in the form of a question, of course.

Update: I videotaped the category, but missed the first question, which, I believe, was pretty much the clue I use below. By popular demand ... any takers? (The clues give away a lot of info...)

1. He got an Oscar in the title role. [$400]
2. The role of Ben-Hur was reportedly turned down by Rock Hudson and this "Hud", son. [$800]
3. The film cutting ratio of this action sequence is over 260-1; for every 260' of film shot, 1' was used. [$1200]
4. Surely you know this "Airplane" star screen-tested for the role of Messala (& don't call him Shirley). [$1600]
5. This author of "Burr" & "Lincoln" did uncredited screenwriting for "Ben-Hur". [$2000]

Comments welcome.


Chris, I went 5 for 5 on that. Hardly seems worthy of the DJ round!

Like rolling off a log! Puh-leeze!

Those clues were "gimmes"!
However, I did learn some newe things about the movie from those clues. Newman as Hur? Neilson as Mesala? That would have been a completely different movie! I'm trying to picture it...naw, doesn't work.

hehehe ... speaking of Paul Newman, check out my additional comments on a possible adaptation of "The Front Runner," whose option rights Newman once owned.