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Go Giants!

I am only a casual football fan; my passion remains baseball, and I'm counting the days to February 14, 2006. Yes, it's Valentine's Day. But it's also when pitchers and catchers report to Yankee Spring Training Camp.

As football goes, I grew up when the Giants and the Jets actually played in New York City. They were (and still are) called the New York Giants and the New York Jets... and yet, they play in New Jersey, and are on the verge of creating a new sports complex in the Garden State, where they will both continue to play.

But I still find myself rooting for Big Blue and Gang Green. I know that's sacrilegious; you're supposed to be a fan of one or the other. Like I said: I'm a casual fan.

In any event, my hopes for the Jets were dashed when poor Chad Pennington had another season-ending injury in 2005. But I still do like the future prospects for young Eli Manning (who just turned 25), Quarterback for the Giants, and I'm hoping for a Giant Sunday as the NFC East Division champs begin their playoff quest.

Go Giants!

Comments welcome.


There's only one NFL team in New York, Chris, the Buffalo Bills. I'm just sayin'...

LOL ROFL... you and Tim Russert.

You know, tribalist that I am, because they are from New York State, I did root for them through all the heartbreak of the early-to-mid 1990s. Alas, my support just wasn't enough...

I must chime in here. There's this little berg on the west coast that gets very little news coverage [or respect] unless there's an earthquake or a mountain blows it's top. LOL!

That may change come Superbowl Sunday. All NFC play-off teams must come to our house in Seattle to play the Seahawks! It's been a long time coming. It doesn't hurt that the great Shawn Alexander won the AP's NFL Player of the Year with good reason.

While I wish your teams well...I'll shout GO SEAHAWKS!

Their name is unpc but I will still root for the Redskins. What can I say.

Chris, as a native San Diegan whose father had Chargers season tickets since 1965 I have to admit I despise anything "Manning" ;-)

Don't get me wrong, I love New York; it's my spiritual home but I've been spoiled by the weather in my physical home town--and I love my San Diego teams. Must your teams keep rubbing our noses in the dirt? ;-) (or ice, if one remembers that notorious ice game back--Chargers at Giants--in the mid-1990's ).

Oh, my poor, poor hapless Chargers and Padres...the heartbreak of Chicagoans is well-documented, but where is the sympathy for the perpetually disappointed San Diego sports fans?

Chris, as a native San Diegan I must admit that the mention of anything "Manning" raises my blood pressure... ;-)

Don't get me wrong; I love New York City and consider it my spiritual home, but the weather in my native home town has a way of making one reluctant to leave it, even for my city of the soul, New York. Additionally, my father has had Chargers season tickets since 1965 and I was raised to be a true Chargers fan. Ah, New York's sports teams, Chris--ah, your teams! MUST they always rub the noses of San Diego sports fans in the dirt (or ice--going back to that notorious game--Chargers Vs. Giants at the Giants--back in the mid 1990's--which the Chargers miraculously won despite being pelted by ice balls)?

Much ink has been spilled over the heartbreak of Cubs fans--but no there's no sympathy for the die-hard fans of the Chargers and Padres... *sigh*

Good luck to all those left standing after this weekend.

Oy, that GIANT loss was hard to watch.

Now, as I was saying: Spring Training is on the way... :)

Till then, here's a song. Big Blue Songs for a few days, actually, starting yesterday.