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Merry Christmas Wishes from Blondie!

Blondie knows it is the 50th anniversary of Norad Tracks Santa, so she'll be tracking him till she hits the sack, hoping her treats are delivered before dawn!!! (Apparently, Santa has been busy this year... he's got a blog too!)

I'm here with the Grinch and Rudolph, and they insisted I put these antlers on my head.  Grrrr... Okay... MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!!

Best wishes to all Notablog readers for a very Merry Christmas!!! Happy holidays to all!!! (And best wishes to other readers here and here.)

Comments welcome, but be nice! Blondie may not have as many teeth as she used to, but she can sport a mean bark.


Awww, MERRY CHRISTMAS Blondie! And Chris! from Tim and Moira (and Max, Tania and Shakti -- meow!)

Merry Christmas Chris. And my cat, who loves dogs, sends Blondie a holiday greetings, but I couldn't translate it from Classical Feline. (Hey, we New Yorkers talk like this! Anyone want to make something of it?) ;)

Merry Christmas Blondie! (and Chris!).

Merry Christmas all!


Merry Christmas Chris and Blondie Hope you have a great New Year. Chris Grieb

Merry Christmas Chris!

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Merry Christmas Chris!

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didn't mean to post twice


Merry Christmas to you too, Nick (three times... how thesis-antithesis-synthesis can you get??) :)

And a Merry also to Tim and Moira, fellow New Yawker Jason (hehe), Joe, Matthew, and Chris!


Humbug! Oh alright, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to Chris and Blondie!

A happy, healthy New Year to you and Blondie! (Bernie the cat sends his regards.)

Hey Mark, Peri, thanks a million! And Blondie thanks you too (and sends special greetings to Bernie the cat).

Happy New Year!