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The whole freaking world is falling apart, I know. The Iraqi elections have emboldened a religious element with ties to Iran. Iran has a President who spouts anti-Semitic garbage, boasts about nuclear ambitions, and bans Western music. The Transit Worker's Union has staged a damn strike as buses and subways ground to a halt in New York City. I'm having to get up at 4 a.m. just to help my sister get off to work. At least the courts struck down that Intelligent Design nonsense in Pennsylvania.

But if you were expecting predictable commentary about all the above, fuhgedaboudit.

All that matters to me this morning is that the New York Yankees have Followed Their Damon.

He's not the best fielding center fielder, but he is Johnny Damon, and this signing of the now-former Boston Red Sox leadoff hitter must surely be creating havoc in Beantown, among those who see the Yanks as the Evil Empire.

Poor Johnny is going to have to go for a haircut and trim his beard; for Yankee fans, however, let's just hope this trimming doesn't trim his stats, Samson-like.

Comments welcome.


Yes there is indeed much unhappiness in Beantown over Johnny Damon's defection to the Enemy. Matters are not helped by the apparent disarray that's been manifested by the front office of the Red Sox. They said that they first learned about Damon's signing with the Yankees from the media. Combined with Theo Epstein's leaving his position as general manager, it's not been a good offseason for Red Sox Nation.

Jim, I honestly could not believe that the Bosox got rid of Theo Epstein, and I wonder how much of this Damon loss could be blamed on the fact that Epstein wasn't there. Still, they did get Josh Beckett who was a Yankee killer with the Florida Marlins.

In any event, I have to relate a cute story told to me last night by a Boston pal of mine. He wrote:

A restaurant in Boston's fashionable Beacon hill had a wooden, free-standing sign in fornt of it that pretty much sums up the feelings in Boston today it read: "We hope Johnny Damon's dog dies."

That's the kind of Boston cuisine I'd have fully expected. :)