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Erika Holzer and Ayn Rand

I had the wonderful pleasure of working closely with writer Erika Holzer when she contributed to a special Fall 2004 centenary symposium, "Ayn Rand: Literary and Cultural Impact," for The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies. Erika's wonderful essay, "Passing the Torch," was "part memoir, part fiction writer's guide, part tribute" to her literary mentor, Ayn Rand.

The good news is that Erika has greatly expanded her work into a full-fledged book, entitled Ayn Rand: My Fiction-Writing Teacher. I'd written to her upon reading the book with these glorious words of praise:

Damn you, Erika, for taking me away from my work and compelling me, like a man possessed, to read your book from cover to cover. It's humane, dramatic, humorous, touching, terrific on every level. You've written a literary autobiography that is as much a superb guide for fiction writers as it is a touching tribute to your fiction-writing mentor, Ayn Rand. You illustrate—through a tour de force exploration of your own evolving craft—the many important factors at work in the creative process.
This brilliant memoir offers a significant contribution to Rand studies, intellectual history, and literary theory.

Readers should check out the book cover, the table of contents, a sample chapter, and the book's other endorsements. And then get thee to amazon.com and purchase it!

A fine work!

Comments welcome.


And damn both of you for bringing this to my attention a week after I ordered a load of books on Rand ;-)
But just started on "Norms of Liberty" and awaiting a load of JARS I think I can wait for a while before ordering this.

Excellent mention, Chris. By the way, The Atlasphere plans to run a few chapter excerpts of the book and bring it to the attention of fans of Rand's fiction. Just watch www.TheAtlasphere.com for details.


The book is also aviable from The Objectivist Center. I have already ordered it from them. Chris

Hey Chris, that's good to know. I just saw an advertisement for the book in the new TOC book catalogue.

Speaking of TOC, people should check out their newly designed website here.