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New Sites, New Sights

Readers of Notablog know that SOLO HQ recently closed its doors. Those who try to access SOLO HQ here will now be provided with links to the two new sites that have emerged from the previous incarnation: Rebirth of Reason (run by Joe Rowlands) and SOLO Passion (run by Lindsay Perigo).

I posted welcome messages to each organization here and here, and I was given additional links here and here, given my long association with the former website.

Readers who try to access previous Sciabarra articles can now view these essays with a slight change to the URL addresses. I have made those URL changes to all the web pages on my main site (but not on Notablog). It now appears that my former SOLO HQ essays and posts are available on both sites. I feel as if I've been cloned!

For example, my essay, "Ten Years After" used to be here:


It is now accessible here:


and here:


So, enjoy yourself. Twice.

I'd like to take this opportunity, however, to make a few comments about my own posting activities, which, as some readers have observed, have been much more limited recently. Though I was still posting on a rare occasion at SOLO HQ, my last published article was, in fact, "Ten Years After" (posted on August 14, 2005, and noted above). I have posted very infrequently to that site, and I don't believe I will be posting much to either of the new sites.

I still post on occasion to Liberty and Power Group Blog and the Mises Economics Blog (when the subjects of my posts are relevant to those forums).

Nevertheless, readers need to know that I have scaled back my participation on virtually all cyber-forums due to ongoing constraints on my time and health (see here, for example). Since my surgical procedure in October, I have re-focused my energy on the things that matter most to me: my own work done my own way on my own time.

That's why Notablog is still my home. I will continue to post here as the spirit moves me on subjects as varied as music and foreign policy, and I will cross-post to other forums when I think it is relevant.

Some people have written to me privately and have wondered if the rancor on other forums has been a factor in my unwillingness to participate more regularly. I've never made a secret of the fact that I am not pleased with the level of rudeness and hostility that is often shown on cyber-forums of whatever intellectual orientation (see my comments on "The Rose Petal Assumption," for example).

I'm the last one to complain about vigorous and rigorous debate; as a defender of dialectical method—"dialectic" is, after all, derived from "dialegesthai," the Greek word for "to discuss"—I am the first person to praise the importance of critical engagement. And for years I've been critically engaging my interlocutors whenever and wherever I get the chance.

But, all too often, discussions in cyberspace have disintegrated into slimefests with open use of ad hominem as a substitute for reasoned discourse.

Suffice it to say: That won't happen here. That doesn't mean I don't have a sense of humor or a sense of proportion. But as Ralph Kramden once said: "I'm the King of the Castle" in my own home. I welcome comments here from individuals of any intellectual or political persuasion, and ask only that posters show me and their fellow interlocutors the respect that is required in any civil engagement. If people can't or won't be civil, they can take their cyber-business elsewhere.

It's true: Civility is not a primary virtue. But it is a requirement of participation at Notablog.

So, to all those who post to the new forums and the old ones: Best of luck. I'll see you when I see you.

Comments welcome.


Hey Chris!

I've just been posting my own thoughts on all this here, and it will come as no surprise that you and I are by and large on the same wavelength!


Hey Chris -- you are one of the most civil yet unflappable people I have ever known. If someone honks _you_ off they've probably gone far beyond the pale wrt anyone else!

I was sad to see the demise of SoloHQ -- there was a lot of fun stuff there, but apparently that was part of the problem for some of the maintainers.

Attaboy, Chris. You are most interesting and worthwhile to me when you are focused on what is most interesting and worthwhile to you. Go for it! And don't forget to share with us! :-)

Roger Bissell

Hi Chris,

This post has nothing to do with the new sites. I just want to thank you for your daily “Song of the day”. Not being musical myself, I was surprised to find that many of your “Song of the day” are actually classical music and some of which even I am not unfamiliar with! I particular want to thank your for your recent recommendation of “Schroeder’s Greatest Hits” CD. It is a blast to both my son and me when we found that most pieces in the CD are the ones that my son has been and is currently playing. More than that, my son has recently become a peanut fan and considers himself somewhat a mix between Linus and Schroeder. So we promptly ordered this CD from Amazon and just love it.


Hi Chris!
Admire your stalwart blogging and plugging for the dialectic show to go on. Also, your Warsaw Concerto post was a saddened sentimental one for me as I recall the attempted Hungarian revolution when Budpast radio kept playing it over and over until put out of business by Stalin's henchmen in 1956.(oops - he died in 1953, but it surely was Soviet) I also remember how the refugees were vilified by townspeople as they were "settled" into New Jersey's Camp Kilmer. It made me mightily ashamed of some of the people I knew.

But I'm the diplomat without portfolio and am grateful to lurk and plod along as I can. I don't know what happened at SOLO but it really doesn't matter in my much reduced purview.

Please be well.


Just wanted to thank Matthew, Moi, Roger, Jane (that was chilling), and Hong for the comments. Much appreciated.

Hong, I'm glad you've been enjoying the daily "Song of the Day." It's a habit of mine that I've come to enjoy posting; even when I'm deeply immersed in work and unable to do regular "issue-oriented" blogging, "Song of the Day" is a nice break from it all.

I'm really glad you and your son have enjoyed the Schroeder CD. It's a lot of fun. And, yes, I do interpret "Song" quite liberally here; as I say on "My Favorite Songs," the "list has evolved to encompass both vocal and instrumental musical compositions." And, clearly, my tastes are quite eclectic, stretching from classical, jazz, and Broadway to pop, dance, R&B, and rock. Eclectic, indeed! Just like, uh, my scholarship, I suppose. :)

For interested readers, today begins a week+ tribute to Duke Ellington. (Didja hear that Peter?)

I did, I did, I most certainly did. You're surely one that's 'beyond category,' Chris. :-)

BTW, Hong, check out this Peanuts clip; it's a lot of fun. Be patient, while it loads.

And, Peter, thanks also for noting the Ellington tribute at your blog.