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Notablog Update

I have been superbusy with a number of outstanding tasks this past week, most related to The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies, as my Associate Editor, Robert Campbell, continues to recover from surgery related to a biking accident. And I extend, once again, my good wishes to my friend and colleague, Bill Bradford, fellow founding co-editor of JARS.

Meanwhile, for those of you who are new to Notablog, be sure to check out my recent posts, especially those on Iran and US foreign policy.

Meanwhile, my "Song of the Day" posts continue; stay tuned for announcements this week on forthcoming publications, and an award I'm due to receive next weekend.

Comments welcome.


The best "Goody Goody" I ever heard was by a Boston nightclub singer named Thom Troy (also, an amazingly serious "You are My Sunshine" which will make you have different thoughts about that song, too). As soon as I can transfer records to a CD I'll get it to you.

Hey, James, I look forward to it!