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The Stink of New Jersey Politics

Anybody who lives in the New York metropolitan area will appreciate this post.

If you've ever been subjected to Election season around these parts, you must know that there is nothing filthier and more "negative" than the political commercials surrounding New Jersey campaigns.

At one time, I thought one of those Senatorial races involving Frank Lautenberg was tops in filth. But this year's Jersey governor's race between Jon Corzine and Doug Forrester just might take the cake. With Corzine's ex-wife featured in anti-Corzine commercials and Forrester being accused of having an extra-marrital affair, it's got to be one of sleaziest campaigns I've ever seen.

I can't wait till this year's Election Day is history... just so I don't have to watch these ads anymore!


Comments welcome.


But, Chris, without paying attention to all that necessary information about each side that one side hides and the other shines a 'light' upon, how ya gonna know who to vote AGAINST?

John, this is true... especially if one would like to vote against both. Someday, I just wish somebody would authorize "none of the above" on a ballot... but I'm sure they're petrified it might win.

Anyway, at least Corzine-Forrester is over. Thank Goodness. I guess the electorate in Jersey decided that citing Corzine's ex-wife in a Forrester commercial was more sleazy than anything run by Corzine.

Either way... IT'S OVER. Amen!

LOL! "None of the above" --- Now THERE's a 'write-in' for you !

You're right about if it was an officially-listed alternative; no doubt a LOT of situations would win with that one. --- And wouldn't THAT cause a political problem !