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Blondie's Happy Halloween

As readers of Notablog might recall, I indicated some weeks ago, in this essay that "we picked up a special Yankee uniform and matching cap" for Blondie because Halloween was "coming, after all, and she needed a new costume."

Well, Blondie wishes everybody a Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, Notablog Readers!

She also insisted that we finally upload all of her "Summer Vacation" photos. There are additional Halloween photos as well in her photo gallery. Go to the index here, where you will see brand new Summer 2005 photos (here, here, here, here, here, and here) and brand new Halloween 2005 photos (here and here).


Comments welcome ... but beware of dog!



My sentiments exactly, Harvey. :)

Apart from my cat, Saki (see www.barbarabranden.com/about.html), Blondie has to be the cutest thing going.

Does Blondie have lots of boyfriends?

Saki is adorable, Barbara!

And Jim, Blondie has had her share of boyfriends (she even has a big feline admirer on the west coast). But she is most definitely a dominant female. You should see what she does with her stuffed animals. Here is a photo of one very close encounter with the Grinch (in keeping with the coming holiday season).