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Patrick Giles, RIP

Patrick Giles was a writer. His articles appeared in the NY Times, Newsday, Interview, and so many other periodicals. I first met Patrick online on one of those contentious e-forums. We had a few things in common: We were both born in Brooklyn, and we were passionate about our love of music (he was an opera fan) and baseball.

I posted my condolences to a memory book in his honor. In it, I wrote:

I never met Patrick; we participated on an e-list or two together, and over time, I discovered that he shared the same passion for Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees that I did. We eventually spoke on the phone and hoped to get together to catch a game in the Bronx. It never worked out. But Patrick was kind enough to send me his 'unauthorized biography' of Jeter: Derek Jeter: Pride of the Yankees. It's still among the most entertaining biographical introductions to the great Yankee shortstop.
Patrick's passion was infectious. It will live on.

If any of you knew Patrick, and would like to add your thoughts to the memory book, feel free to contact me and I'll direct you to the appropriate link.

Rest in Peace, Patrick.

Comments welcome.


Dear Sir,
Thank you, so much for your kind words about my brother, Patrick. His passion was contagious and he is truly missed. His Memorial service will be on 11/18 at 7 pm and his obit will be printed in the Ny Times. Thank you for being a part of this wonderful man's life.
Sincerely yours,
Meg Giles Kerlin