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Thank You

Well, at the risk of turning Notablog into the Daily Sciabarra Medical Report, with hourly updates on X-rays and fluid samples, I figured I'd weigh-in and just pull all these threads together with a simple "Thank You." I've got a long way to go, folks, but I'm still home, getting assistance from family, friends, and two very close bosom buddies, one with brown hair and a gorgeous smile and the other with blond hair and a wagging tail.

All of this beats a hospital emergency room.

Cliche or not: "Thank You" just isn't enough to express the deep gratitude and appreciation I feel for the many public and private expressions of support that I've received. It has come regardless of philosophic or political orientation; it has been expressed on Randian forums such as SOLO (thanks Lindsay Perigo for this and this) and Marxian forums like Marxism-Thaxis (thanks Jim Farmelant for your post on my blog and for this as well; for those who don't know, I was a founding co-moderator of Marxism-Thaxis and actually came up with the "Thaxis" group name signalling the integration of THeory and prAXIS).

Thanks to the individual well-wishers at SOLO who posted here, including: Jody Allen Gomez, Lance Moore, Marnee, Marcus Bachler, William A. Nevin, Bob Palin, Teresa Summerlee Isanhart (I still have the caps!!!), Pete, Ed Thompson, and Matthew Ashby.

Thanks to the individual posters at Notablog for their good wishes (and I'll try not to duplicate names for those who posted on multiple threads):

On the "Karl Rove and Me" thread, thanks once again to Hong, John Dailey, Max, Jason Dixon, Chris Grieb, Vid Axel, Peter Cresswell (have no fear, Not PC, Ellington is Coming, and so glad you noticed Perdido), David M. Brown, Derek McGovern, Philip Coates, Glenn Lamont and Sam, Michael and Kat, Shane, Andrew Bates, Jane Yoder (yummy, and you know what I mean!!!), Matthew Humphreys, Robert Malcom, Luke Setzer, Matthew Graybosch, Duncan Bayne, Brant Gaede, Joe Maurone (and Aquaman), Rush, Cameron, Sunni (squeezesssssssssssssss), Debbie Clark (fellow Aquarian), and Kate Herrick (your note brought tears to my eyes; have no fear: I'm not going anywhere!).

On the "Back in Hospital" thread, which was prompted by an awful 24-hour ordeal in the ER, thanks to Nathaniel Branden, Barbara Branden, Thomas L. Knapp, Tim and Moira, Roger Bissell, Jim Valliant, Ilana Mercer (trying not to be too compulsive about replying to everybody, as you can see!), Michael Southern, Timur and Donna, Mick Russell, Peri Sword, Jason Walker, Mattias, and Mike Shapiro (who proves he will never fall for any scare tactics, no matter how desperate ... take your time, buddy, with the JARS essay, it's okay! Honest!).

On the "Aquaman" thread, thanks again to my pal Aeon Skoble.

On the "Back Home, For Now" thread, thanks to George Cordero (I will be keeping clear of all public libraries in June 2009), John Enright, Chip Gibbons, Robert Campbell, Jonathan Rick, Jon Wolfenbarger, Geoffrey Allan Plauche, and st, eve (I promise we will return to that "libertarian" question in a new thread; good to see you again!).

Finally, special thanks to my very dear sister Elizabeth: I know your short post here at Notablog scared the daylights out of a lot of people. But that's only because the circumstances were, admittedly, pretty scary. I'm still standing, and I love you for holding me up (quite literally) when I could hardly stand on my own.

Things may still be operating in slo-mo around here, and I do plan to take my sweet time getting into the groove. But I'm certain that, sooner rather than later, my focus will be returning to the issues of war and peace, politics and music, sports and scholarship.

So, a big Brooklyn hug to every individual who offered private or public words of support. I am very deeply touched by your kindness.

Comments welcome.


And here's a big Welsh hug back! ;-)

Mr. Sciabarra,
Sorry you were(?) unwell, glad you are recovering...and inspired to see the warm responses in your blog comments.

I hear Satchmo with a sweet, sentimental, old song of the moment (paraphrased):

I see friends bloggin' by,
Saying how do you do,
They're really sayin'
I love you.

And I think to myself
What a wonderful world....

Hey Cliff, thanks for the wonderful words from Satchmo and for the good wishes. And thanks MH again!



I am so glad to hear you are back home and recovering. You are a precious gem on this earth!

Big hug,


Get well soon, Chris!

We need you -- you are unique: after all, who
else out there has such a bizarre understanding of the relation between Marx and Hayek?


Andrew, thanks so much for your support, and Jerry Levy -- how terrific to see you here!

Thanks again for all your kind words and support. I'm hangin' in! :)